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Punk & Alternative

Brand: Funtime Records Catalog Number:
After the demise of their former band Belvedere, songwriter/guitarist Steve Rawles and drummer Graham Churchill were set on starting a new project and getting back on the road. After joining forces with Forty Cent Fix’s John Meloche, they gathered in Calgary, Alberta to write songs for their first a..
Brand: Boss Tunage Retro Catalog Number: 689492111526
TRACK LISTING:Cornucopia LP (1987)1. Morgan Le Fay 2. Armageddon Song 3. Bad Beach 4. Septasalina 5. Beach Patrol 6. Dionysus 7. Bad Trip 8. Blind Fate 9. Purple Indian 10. Love On 45 11. It's Always Better 12. Victim Of Society 13. All Systems Go 14. A Zero Is Born 15. The Puppy Killer 16. Ended Th..
Brand: Prosthetic Catalog Number: 10110-2
TRACK LISTING:1. Burns Like A Paper Rose 2. Deathless 3. Sin After Sin 4. Old Dirty Paranoia 5. Secret Handshakes 6. Shiver In The Heat 7. We Speak In Tongues 8. Gone To Dust 9. My Enemy 10. To Whore With Foreign Gods..
Catalog Number: B9R157
TRACKINGLIST:1. Attitude (Bad Brains)2. Satyagraha (7 Seconds)3. Pride (Madball)4. Get The Time (Descendents)5. Said Gun (Embrace)6. I Wanna Live (Ramones)7. Cats And Dogs (Gorilla Biscuits)8. Someday I Suppose (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones)9. Journey To The End Of The East Bay (Rancid)10. Safe (Dag ..
Catalog Number: RMCPG9222
TRACK LISTING:1. Break The Chain2. Jealous3. Gorgeous4. Black Box5. The Motion Of Love6. Kiss Of Life7. Liquor Man8. White Car In Germany9. Why Can't I?10. Dream A Big Dream11. Upstairs12. Tangled Up In You13. Kick14. Seven Deadly Sins..
Brand: Heaven And Hell Catalog Number: HHR100
CD FEATURES:- First time on CD- Both demo releases- 11 bonus tracks (only available on CD version)- Remastered- 12-page booklet- Photos and lyrics- Limited to 500 copies worldwideFOR FANS OF: Black Flag, Soundgarden, Clutch, Helmet, Jesus Lizard & Primus.TRACK LISTING:1. Snail2. Delve3. Friends4. Ci..
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