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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)


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Brand: Rock Candy Catalog Number: CANDY428
TRACK LISTING:1. Out On Bail2. Fugitive3. Walk Away4. Doomsday Flight5. Find It Out The Hard Way6. Nobody's Fool7. Seems Like A Dream8. One Way TicketBonus Tracks9. Radio10. Hey Texas11. One Last Kiss12. Heroes13. Broken Heart / One Last Kiss (Alt. Lyrics)..
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Brand: Rock Candy Catalog Number: CANDY429
TRACK LISTING:1. My Own Game2. Falling In Love3. Waitin' For The Night4. Steal A Heart5. Twisted Love6. Turn To Stone7. Raggedy Man8. Rock Doktor9. Land Of The Gun10. Right Between The EyesBonus Tracks11. I've Had It (Demo)12. Live For Me (Demo)13. America Rocks (Demo)14. White Knight (Demo)..
Brand: Golden Core Catalog Number: GCR 20173-2
TRACK LISTING:1. Let It Rock2. Rock Salad (Rock Solid)3. Hard Livin'4. Wasted Time5. Don't Mess With The Brass6. Lonely Lover7. Thru' To You8. Black Cadillac9. Cold Turkey10. Love Is A Lie11. The Limit..
ROAD - This Is Just Rock 'N' Roll DIGISLEEVE CD
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Catalog Number: NACD021
Released for the first time on CD in a 4-panel gatefold DigiSleeve. This CD release is produced based on a well preserved LP and digitalized by Lars Ardal.TRACK LISTING:1. Skarru Vaerra Best2. This Is Just Rock 'N' Roll3. Rockefoten4. The Headliner5. Trapped In A Cage6. Alternativ7. Mistakes8. ..
Brand: Melodic Rock Classics Catalog Number: MRC011
Definitive collection of all the tracks from the band, includes his two albums with live recordings and unreleased tracks. Part of the Melodic Rock Classics series. Misprint first pressing with tracks 6-16 on CD 1 listed on back cover as track 2.TRACK LISTING:CD1:1. You Were Right2. That’s The Way I..
EMOTIONAL SUICIDE - Emotional Suicide CD
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Brand: Golden Core Catalog Number: GCR 20176-2
TRACK LISTING:1. Keep Your Demon Down2. A Dead Man's Tale3. Emotional Suicide4. Back For More5. Resolution6. Temporary Insanity7. Sweet Revenge8. The Joker Cries Too9. It10. Sacred Time..
Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR067
Speed/Thrash Metal from Los Angeles! Great studio recordings from 1990 and 1991, mastered from the original master tapes. 10 songs FIRST TIME EVER ON CD, great thick booklet. Feat. members of BLOODLUST and RUTHLESS. For fans of ATROPHY, LAAZ ROCKIT, (early) FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, FORBIDDEN etc.Release ..
Brand: Melodic Rock Classics Catalog Number: MRC013
Tom DeLuca's long lost second studio album has been liberated from the vaults.TRACK LISTING:1. Can't Get Enough Of You2. Even The Strongest Heart3. Still I Wanna Fall4. You're My Religion5. Remnants Of Yesterday (Instrumental)6. Shotgun Wedding7. Only The Young8. Never Let Me Know9. Think It Over10...
NECROPHAGIA - Anthology Of Primitive Horror 2CD
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Brand: Xtreem Music Catalog Number: XM 350 CD
Ultimate re-issue on 2-CD containing all the early demos ('84-'86) prior to the 1st album by this mythical US band that played a unique and personal hybrid of primitive Horror Death, Thrash and Black with a totally old school sound and style.Includes scans of all the original covers, the best sound ..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-077
Under the sign of the skull the most sinister steel straight from Ohio, US, is striking back. ARKEYN STEEL Records is here to presents: WICKED LESTER! Heavier than hell riffing, killer leads and out of the dark vocals are shaping a release that will haunt your dreams and nightmares. Both “The Resurr..
Brand: Bad Reputation Catalog Number: BAD220602
US Metal classic - 2022 CD edition!TRACK LISTING:1. Go Down Fighting2. Steel And Starlight3. Tokyo Rose4. Rocked Outta Love5. Castle Walls6. On Your Feet7. Fallin' For You8. Exhibit A9. Lost Queen10. Hot On Your Heels11. Streets Of Pleasure..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-072
Arkeyn Steel Records proudly presents an outstanding force of Christian Steel: The complete works of KNIGHTRIOT from Burbank, Los Angeles, California, US.Limited Edition 500 Handnumbered CDs (ASR CD-072).Release Date: June 3rd, 2022.First review at FORGOTTEN SCROLL webzine.Originally from Phoenix, A..
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