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CULT METAL CLASSICS release plan 2022


Brand: Iron Shield Catalog Number: ISR 089-20/C
Text by Iron Shield site:Grindpad: Putting’ back the violence in Metal. In autumn of 1986 (ok, 2006…), guitarist JG was asked by some local musicians to join a metal project. An on & off thing, nothing serious by that time. The name Grindpad was mentioned every now and then. After a few months, Axel..
Brand: Iron Shield Catalog Number: ISR 087-20/C
Text by IRON SHIELD RECORDS site.While active since 2017, after their Debut EP “Burst The Curse” und numerous shows with the likes of JAG PANZER, VISIGOTH, REFUGE, VULTURE and many more, INVICTUS now releases their first full-length “Eden” in January 2020. Founded in 2017 in Bavaria, the band was fo..
Brand: Iron Shield Catalog Number: ISR 093-20/C
Text by IRON SHIELD RECORDS site.SATANICA was found in 2002 mainly by Ritti Danger, a former member of WITCH'S KISS in the 80's. The band is playin' classic H/M some NwoBHM trademarks and occult lyrics. Release of 1st album Knights In Satanic Service was July 2004. Local and Tokyo live activities, f..
Brand: Iron Shield Catalog Number: ISR 097-21/C
Text by IRON SHIELD RECORDS site.Founded in 2012 by singer and guitar player Matty, POWERGAME stands for pure passion for the NWOBHM. The band’s name was taken from the Tokyo Blade-song with the same title, but of course many other bands of that era like Tygers Of Pan Tang, Samson, Tank, Raven, Holo..
Brand: Iron Shield Catalog Number: ISR092-20/C
Text by IRON SHIELD RECORDS site.Annexation was founded in 2015 by Lizard Gonzales a.k.a. Uncle Crocodile. With the intention to play fast and aggressive Thrash Metal, influenced by Bands like Slayer, Exodus, Demolition Hammer, Power Trip and Violator the goal was to bring brute violence to the spot..
Brand: Iron Shield Catalog Number: ISR 094-20/C
Text by IRON SHIELD RECORDS site:Mosh-Pit Justice was spawn in the shores of Black Sea. Current band line up is: Georgy Peichev (a.k.a. George Peich) vocals , Staffa Vasilev -guitars, drums and Mariyan Georgiev (a.k.a. Mariyan G.) bass, backing vocals. In September 2012 the band released the "The Se..
Brand: Iron Shield Catalog Number: ISR 098-21/C
Text by IRON SHIELD RECORDS site:The band was born from the ashes of the Wraith’ Sing, a project activated in 2006 whose founding members were Tiziano Hammerhead Sbaragli (Etrusgrave) and Tiziano Atreiu Chater (Ormgarth-former Imperium). The two came together to play pure heavy metal with fast and s..
Brand: Iron Shield Catalog Number: ISR 100-21C
Text by IRON SHIELD RECORDS site.Over the last five years, Canada has been at the forefront of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal scene. One out of three bands seem to hail from the Great White North. Throughout that time, groups continue to rise and some have unfortunately met their end; howev..
Brand: Obscure Nwobhm Releases Catalog Number: ONR023
Obscure Nwobhm Releases 2021, KRAKEN were a 3-piece nwobhm band formed in 1977 by: Jim (drums percussion) Ian Leach (All guitars) Andy Hopkins (lead vocals bass guitar keyboards) The band did lot of gigs and their sole 7'' ep is amongst fave nwobhm singles. For the 1st time the ep songs plus the leg..
Brand: Metal Resistance Catalog Number: MR-002
Lyrical themes: Medieval themes and legends, History. For fans of POWERWOLF.TRACK LISTING:1. Anno Mille2. Pestilentia3. Torquemada4. Malleus Maleficarum5. Angéle De La Barthe6. La Danza Delle Streghe7. La Mano Di Dio8. Tortura..
Brand: On The Dole Catalog Number: OTD 002 CD
Text by On The Dole records website:Originally released in 1979 with only 500 numbered copies. Nowadays it usually goes for $700+ at Discogs, Ebay and similar.When hearing The Hand Of Doom it’s easy to understand why. It’s like The Stooges fronted by Count Dracula with a pinch of Roky Erickson ”The ..
Brand: On The Dole Catalog Number: OTD012CD
- Ultra rare US DIY metal album from 1981 reissued for the first time ever.- A US ”Jobcentre Rejects” D.I.Y-nugget - Original album is rare and highly in demand.- Heavy stoner riffs, psyched out guitars - total Ohio mobile home rock.- Deluxe reissue expanded with bonus track.- CD with 16 page bookle..
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