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BRINSLEY SCHWARZ - Live Archive Vol. 3 The Vera Club, Groningen, Holland CD
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Catalog Number: VARCD03
TRACK LISTING:1. You've Been Cheating2. Small Town Big City3. Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)4. Down In Mexico5. You Ain't Living Until You're Loving6. We Can Mess Around7. Happy Doing What We're Doing8. Surrender To The Rhythm9. Country Girl10. Hooked On Love11. Trying To Live My Life Without ..
HIGHLORD - The Death Of The Artists CD
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Brand: Scarlet Catalog Number: SC 182-2
The Death Of The Artists, Higlord’s sixth brand-new album, a stunning mix of powerful guitars, fast drum beats and great melodies in the vein of Labyrynth, Vision Divine, Eldritch and DGM. 9 new tracks ready to blow your mind! TRACK LISTING: 1. Simple Man 2. Every Thrash Of Me 3. Canticle Of T..
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HJALLARHORN - Iron Clad Soldiers CD
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Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: 784-1682
HJALLARHORN were formed back in 1993 and after three demos, the time has come for their first effort! In various parts they have some speed metal touches but in general their sound is based on influences from the glorious classic 80s heavy metal! You should check them out! TRACK LISTING: 1. Batt..
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NOT FRAGILE - 21st Century Ballroom CD
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Brand: Hellion Catalog Number: HE 120701
5th full length release by these German veterans of Speed Metal!! TRACK LISTING: 1. 21st Century Ballroom 2. Lost In The Rain 3. Into The Hurricane 4. Like Guardians 5. Monsters Of Metal 6. Starlight To The Revolution 7. Dreamflight 8. Lay It Down 9. New Generation 10. We Don't Surrende..
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Brand: Lion Music Catalog Number: LMC 9801 2
Melodic heavy metal by this great Finnish guitar player. This re-issue on CD by LION music features 12 songs.  ..
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ALMAFUERTE - A Fondo Blanco CD
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Brand: Universal Music Catalog Number: PRRCD004
Argentinian speed metal. The band exists since the early nineties.TRACK LISTING:1. Homenaje2. Convide Rutero3. Si Me Estas Buscando 4. A Vos Amigo5. Tangolpeando 6. Aguante Bonavena7. El Visitante8. Hoy Es9. La Llaga10. Al Pajaro11. Motivo Ciudadano..
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ANNIHILATIONMANCER - The Involution Philosophy CD
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Brand: Pure Underground Catalog Number: PURCD001
Very technical / progressive thrash metal in the tradition of Toxik and Watch Tower we present you this time with ANNIHILATIONMANCERs current album ''The Involution Philosophy”. Originally it was already released independently last year in a very small scale. TRACK LISTING: 1. Antimateria - Intr..
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Brand: Pure Rock Catalog Number: PRRCD004
The third album of this quality Spanish hard rock band. TRACK LISTING: 1. Corazones Salvajes 2. Rabia 3. El Umbral 4. Sangre 5. Estrellados del Rock 6. Inevitable 7. Ronnie James 8. La marea del Ayer 9. Suonos perdidos 10. La marca del Diablo 11. Sons of the Night  ..
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DARKNATION - Merci Pour Le Mal CD
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Brand: Brennus Music Catalog Number: BR 8160
Typical french thrash metal with some traditional heavy touches. TRACK LISTING: 1. Renaissance 2. Bombe Humaine 3. 24 Aout 1572 4. Sans Toi 5. Merci Pour Le Mal 6. Euskalduna 7. La Bataille De Salamine 8. Pompei 9. Le Sang Du Christ 10. Redemption 11. Sans Toi (Acoustique)  ..
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Brand: Punishment 18 Catalog Number: P18R 028
Second album by this italian thrash metal band. TRACK LISTING: 1. Intro 2. Pray & Die 3. Lost 4. Breath 5. Final Solution 6. For What? 7. Wasted 8. Days in Rage 9. Leave Me Alone 10. Outro  ..
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GRAND BITE - Profetas Del Fin CD
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Brand: Ariah Catalog Number: GB-001
By far the greatest and most legendary band from Venezuela. These guys simply kick-ass and they exist since 1980!! This is their fourth album - classic powerful heavy metal they way it should be played. Limited edition. TRACK LISTING: 1. Mitos 2. Canto De Guerra 3. Condena 4. Preparate a Luch..
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GALLOWS POLE - Revolution CD
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Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: CD 784-1835 / KR049
Classic traditional Austrian steel by a band that exists from the early 80's making them one of the first metal groups from that country. This is their latest release in the known classic metal fields. True masters of their metal game! TRACK LISTING: 1. You're In My Way 2. Hell Again 3. Dirty ..
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