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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)


LUNARIUM - Journeys, Fables & Lore CD
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Brand: Farvahar Catalog Number: FR-01
LUNARIUM comes roaring out of the wild, pagan forests and murky shadows of Europe's past as a fresh, new force on the traditional metal stage. A wild, frenzied combination of ancestral folk music, epic tales, andsword-swinging power metal is set against a backdrop of folklore,mythology, protest, and..
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Brand: Killer Metal Catalog Number: KMR-CD005
Third full length album, by this German thrash metal band. TRACK LISTING: 1. D.A.I.S.O. 2. Rage, Anger And Hate 3. Cruel 4. Adjudication 5. Slave To My Blade 6. I Am What I Am 7. Weak 8. Homicidal Man 9. Victims Of War 10. Hate Nation 11. Meet The Cure 12. Sleaze Bags 13. Predatory *..
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Brand: My Graveyard Productions Catalog Number: MGP-074
Excellent melodic metal at the debut of WICKED MACHINE! TRACK LISTING: 1. Sirrush The Return (Intro) 2. F.Y.I.A.D. 3. Broken Mirrors 4. Butterflies In The Stomach 5. I'll Bury Your Screams 6. New Man 7. 69 8. I'll Be There 9. Raw 'n' True 10. Rock Light 11. Love Action 12. Rain 13. S..
BASTARD - Aftermath CD
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Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF 091
Death Metal peppered with catchy melodies attacks you like a mangy BASTARD from Hell! For almost 10 years now Bastard walks abroad. Heavy guitars, pumping bass, thundering drums and an abysmal voice determine the sound. From thrashy, old-school to blastbeat-attacks everything is available.Textual..
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VALKYRIE'S CRY - Valkyrie's Cry CD
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Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD 023
Debut CD by this brutal and medieval 80s influenced heavy metal band from CANADA!! 11 tracks of neverending metal rage!! TRACK LISTING: 1. Red Dawn 2. Iron Sword 3. Black Knight 4. Jotunheim 5. Berserker 6. Viking Warrior 7. Vortigern 8. Ride of Sleipnir 9. Blessed By The Mace 10. Valkyri..
Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF 093
Excellent German melodic heavy that will apply to fans of good hard n' metal music. TRACK LISTING: 1. Now Or Never 2. Wanted 3. Do What You Want 4. Burn Out 5. Fire And Water 6. United Heavy Metal 7. I Want You 8. Holy 9. Stranded On A Sunny Beach 10. Under Dragons 11. Damn Good Times ..
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Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF 068
TO RESIST FATALITY arranged themself in 2004 in Gφttingen, Germany.Since that time TRF is standing for melodic Death- Metal without Genre- blinders: sometimes blackmetal demoniac, then again progressive coltish, sometimes harmoniously and sometimes brutal, but always with much melody for catchy but ..
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TERRORGOD - Coming Home CD
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Brand: STF Catalog Number: STF 087
The musical fire, which Iron Maiden, Metallica, Death or Fates Warning have been made to ignite Terrorgod anew. The Quartet from the area in Miesbach (Bayern) clawed to the best of the Heavy and Thrash Metal of the 80s, takes the findings of Prog from Dream Theater to Dead Soul Tribe to rate spreads..
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LOCH VOSTOK - Reveal No Secrets CD
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Brand: Nightmare Catalog Number: NMR-502
This is Swedish Melodic Death Progressive Metal at its best; This cd has it all, powerful guitars, brilliant technical passages and vocals from hell... if you like great melodic death metal this is your cd to get NOW. Heavy riffs and melodical (melodic + musical = melodical ) refrains build a master..
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Brand: Del Imaginario Discos Catalog Number: D.I. 112
Killer power metal from Helsinki, Finland, led by the divine voice of ex-STRATOVARIUS singer Timo Kotipelto.TRACK LISTING:1. Once upon a Time 2. Sleep Well 3. Serenity 4. City of Mysteries 5. King Anti-Midas 6. Angels Will Cry 7. After the Rain 8. Mr. Know-It-All 9. Dreams and Realit..
KINETIC - Corrosion CD
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Brand: Burning Star Catalog Number: BSRCD033
FANTASTIC technical death metal from Greece - easily stands among the best out there. TRACK LISTING: 1. Horror Within (intro) 2. Vessel Of Rebirth 3. Venturing High And Low 4. Mesmerized Fools 5. Losing Your Mind Into Corrosion 6. Faces Far From Reality 7. Dreams For Nothing 8. Winter Sti..
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I SUFFER INC - Chronicles Of Lost Purity CD
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Brand: Burning Star Catalog Number: BSRCD011
Great combination of death metal with metalcore elements by this Italian band. TRACK LISTING: 1. Blood For Blood 2. Fake But Romantic 3. Justify The Cross 4. Fallen Star 5. French Concession 6. Alice And The Scars 7. In Between 8. Vanity 9. Alexa The Witch 10. The Justice 8 11. When He..
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