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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)


DARK NOVA - Sivilla CD
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Brand: Black Lotus Catalog Number: BLRCD081
Hell yeah! Greece's best kept secret, maybe the only dark techno power metal band that our country ever had, on their third album by a serious label, as their previous 2 efforts suffered from very bad distribution; especially their debut on vinyl and CD is a huge collector's item! It's also worth me..
DAWNRIDER - Alpha Chapter CD
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Brand: Raging Planet Catalog Number: AS/RP028
The debut album of 2007 by these Portuguese Doomsters! Comes in a great Digipack Edition! Still Sealed! TRACK LISTING: 1. Eagles Flying 2. Predator 3. Shattered Love 4. Divinity Revealed 5. Lisbon Thunder 6. Altamont Nation (Instrumental) 7. I.C.B.M. (Amebix cover) 8. Keep On Riding 9. S..
DAYS OF BETRAYAL - Decapitated For Research CD
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Brand: Shiver Catalog Number: SHR 114
Drawing influences from Heaven Shall Burn, At The Gates and Bolt Thrower, the band has grown and added a lot more elements, not only song structure wise but a lot more technique comes to it this time. ''Decapitated for Research'' sounds brutal, fast , a metal album in all its layers but with a origi..
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Brand: Burning Star Catalog Number: BSRCD015
Imaginative Dutch thrash/death metal perfectly combining both modern thrash elements with old school death parts. TRACK LISTING: 1. Kings Of Pain 2. The Dark Age 3. Why? (The Massacre Of Innocence) 4. Break The Machine 5. Concrete Jungle 6. The Storm 7. So Lost Soul 8. Hannibal 9. Bloods..
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CROWN THE LOST - Blind Faith Loyalty CD
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Brand: Cruz Del Sur Catalog Number: CRUZ34
Formed in April of 2005 by rhythm guitarist David E. Gehlke, Crown the Lost is lauded as ''musically accomplished and eminently memorable'' and ''one of thrash metal's outstanding new groups,'' and has since steadily built a devoted following through relentless promotion and word of mouth. Recorded ..
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ARMAGEDDON - Egyptian Suite CD
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Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: CD 784-1627 / KR 045
Fantastic Heavy Metal from Serbias most famous band. A Heavy Metal Opera in the style of ''Operation Mindcrime'' (QUEENSRYCHE) or ''Utopia'' (HEART OF CYGNUS). Great vocals, outstanding songs! Karthago-quality! their second album after ''Heavy Metal Saga''. TRACK LISTING: 1. Prophecy Of Toth 2...
CYDONIA - Cydonia CD
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Brand: Metal Blade Catalog Number: 3984-14366-2
The debut CD of the Italian power thrashers and by far their best one! The band is still active even though they haven't released another CD in a long time. TRACK LISTING: 1. The King 2. Legend In Time 3. Land Of Life 4. Great Soul Of Steel 5. Last Prayers 6. Confused Future 7. Masters Of ..
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Brand: Power Play Catalog Number: PPRCD - 1969006
Southern Death Metal / BluesCore from Canada! TRACK LISTING: 1. As We Lay Dying 2. Projectile 3. Nuclear Flowers 4. Just Cause 5. Sunrise Sunset 6. What I Say 7. Southern Oak 8. Shut My Eyes 9. The Manipulated Dead 10. Wounded 11. Across The Sky 12. Bleeding Heaven 13. Crown of Snake..
AGAMENDON - Nuclear Rodeo CD
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Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD012
Melodic Death Metal TRACK LISTING: 1. Prologue 2. Nuclear 4711 3. Fallout 4. Underwater 5. Downwards 6. Deadline 7. Invading 8. The Army Of Ozzmoroth 9. Erasing Flesh Forever 10. Eradiction Rodeo 11. Connecting Planets  ..
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BURDEN A.D. - Anno Dominator CD
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Brand: Violent Journey Catalog Number: VJR015
More raging thrash metal from Finland. Thumbs to their record label for signing such talented acts! TRACK LISTING: 1. Shut The fuck Up 2. Don't Hold Back 3. Perfect Family 4. Promotor 5. Slow Flames 6. Saw 7. Marked Fist 8. The End 9. Hexed  ..
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BLOODSHOTEYE - Expect The Unexpected CD
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Brand: CDN Catalog Number: CDN022CD
Excellent Canadian thrashcore. This is the band's third album. TRACK LISTING: 1. Killing Time 2. There Will Be Blood 3. Better Off Dead 4. Fill the Graves 5. Critical Condition 6. Just Another Casualty 7. Colombian Necktie 8. Prophet Of Doom 9. The Slaughterhouse Romance  ..
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Brand: My Graveyard Productions Catalog Number: MGP-019
New and 4th release for this Italian Horror Metal Band. For fans of early Death SS, Pagan Altar, Witchfynde and all obscure acts of the '80! TRACK LISTING: 1. Mortal Remains 2. Symphony From The Graves 3. Time To Die 4. Deadly Sins 5. Day By Day 6. Welcome To My Funeral 7. Upon The Cross ..
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