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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)


BLACK ANVIL - Time Insults The Mind CD
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Brand: Relapse Catalog Number: RR7060
Black Anvil wield a brand of blackened metal that captures and combines the old-school spirit of the genre's titanic forefathers with modern day urban hostility on their debut album. Recommended if you like: Celtic Frost, Sodom, High On Fire and Darkthrone. TRACK LISTING:1. Margin For Terror2. Ten T..
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BEN KUZAY - Perpetual Reign CD
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Brand: Private Catalog Number: NOT AVAILABLE
Ben Kuzay is one of the world's leading instrumental bassists, and forerunner of the 'bass-shred' movement. His second album, Perpetual Reign, hit stores June 21st, 2009, and is the first album ever to feature as its format lead bass with metal accompaniment. Kuzay is already credited with influenci..
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ASH INHERITANCE - Devastated By Fire CD
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Brand: Rock It Up Catalog Number: RIUCD-200917/MDD43
Killer thrash metal from Germany!! TRACK LISTING: 1. March Of The Damned 2. Devastating Fire 3. Next To Die 4. Masters Of Lies 5. Whistle In The Dark 6. Straight To Hell 7. Malicious Seed 8. Enflamed In Anger 9. Mortar Flesh Picasso 10. Killing With Style  ..
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COVEN - Worship New Gods CD
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Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR055CD
One of the most strange sounding U.S. heavy/doom metal albums we have ever listened to. Some rate this in the same league with bands such as WASTED (Denmark), HELL (UK), GRAN MAX (USA) etc. Cuts like ''Riddle of Steel'', ''Ruler'', Burial ground'' etc. remind us of a music metal rite draped by a tot..
ARDA - About Eternal Wandering And About The Earth CD
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Brand: CD Maximum Catalog Number: CDM 0304-1718
Pure power metal a la BLIDN GUARDIAN from Russia. Highly talented band barely known outside their country. TRACK LISTING: 1. Возвращение Государя (The Return of the King)      2. Первая Зима (The First Winter) 3. В Пустоте (In the Void) 4. Мелькор (Melkor)      5. Ради Звёзд (For the Stars) ..
RENACER - Renacer CD
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Brand: Black Star Catalog Number: STAR3 007
TRACK LISTING:1. Espiritus Guardianes2. Entre La Gloria Y La Traicion3. Mi Refugio4. Cenizas Del Alma5. Otro Lugar6. Recuerdos De Un Tiempo Olvidado 1: Camino Hacia El Final7. Recuerdos De Un Tiempo Olvidado 2: Buscando Mi Destino8. Sangre En Mi Tierra9. Reino De Cristal10. Horizontes De Luz11. Al S..
OVERLOAD - Never Again CD
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Brand: Sleaszy Rider Catalog Number: SR-0032
TRACK LISTING: 1. Intro 2. Trip To The Dreamland 3. Never Again 4. Sirens 5. Glory And Eternity 6. With Golden Wings 7. Destiny Calls 8. Midnight Warriors 9. I Change 10. It's Over..
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Brand: Sleaszy Rider Catalog Number: SR-0045
Debut CD by this German Thrash metal band with many classic heavy metal elements. TRACK LISTING: 1. Dust To Dust 2. Demon's Hate 3. Trash Of Society 4. F.U.C.K. This 5. Mr. Knowitall 6. Slave 7. Pandora's Box 8. TV Kid 9. Visions Of Time 10. Whore Babylon..
MASTER - 33 Lives CD
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Brand: CD Maximum Catalog Number: CDM 0506-2518/u
Originally released in 2004, this is a re-issue made in 2006, containing 5 bonus tracks! MASTER need no introduction; they're one of the most legendary thrash metal bands of Russia. Lyrics in the Russian language. TRACK LISTING: 1. Игра      2. Мастер Скорбных Дел      3. Вера Горит на Кострах..
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Catalog Number: NA4543
MASSACRA - Signs of the Decline CD
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Brand: Disembodied Catalog Number: DR 037
TRACK LISTING: 1. Evidence Of Abominations 2. Defying Man's Creation 3. Baptized In Decadence 4. Mortify Their Flesh 5. Traumatic Paralyzed Mind 6. Excruciating Commands 7. World Dies Screaming 8. Signs Of The Decline 9. Civilisation In Regression 10. Full Frontal Assault..
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SACRED BLOOD - The Battle Of Thermopylae: The Chronicle CD
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Catalog Number: NA4550
Debut album from Hellenic Epic / Heavy Metal force!!! Powerful and emotional epic metal, with great vocals from ex-Airged Lamh singer!! Fully inspired by ''The Gates of Fire'' legend! Amazing cover made by J.P.Fournier! Check this promising band! EAT METAL RECORDS 2008..
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