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Brand: Dying Victims Productions Catalog Number: DVP181
Text By DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS official site.Since 2007, Italy’s BUNKER 66 have been proudly (and prolifically) flying the flag of ‘80s metalpunk, all in the beloved power-trio format. Of course, the joint influence of Motörhead and Venom looms large, but equally so do homeland heroes Bulldozer, ..
Brand: Dying Victims Productions Catalog Number: DVP184
Text by DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS official site.PARISH are a proto-metal power-trio hailing from London. Despite forming just a few years ago, their sound is as ancient as it comes - as in deep, WAY DEEP, into the '70s. Their two-song Famine, War demo in early 2019 was but a foretaste of the archaic..
Brand: Dying Victims Productions Catalog Number: DVP 182
Text by DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS official site.About one year after its initial vinyl release through Blasphlegmy and Crypt of Wizard, this glorious heavy metal album will receive its well-deserved CD edition. 8 years after their debut album, internationally acclaimed NATUR with celebrated gigs at ..
Brand: Dying Victims Productions Catalog Number: DVP 183
Text by DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS official site.EISENHAND are a relatively new entity hailing from Austria. The band made their recorded debut in 2018 with the accurately titled Demonstration Tape and followed it with another demo, White Fortress, the following year. During that time, EISENHAND took..
Brand: Dying Victims Productions Catalog Number: DVP171
Text by DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS official site.One of the hottest propositions in the UK’s resurgent traditional metal scene, HEAVY SENTENCE have kept the emphasis on quality over quantity since their formation in the mid-2010s. Just like the early days of the NWOBHM, HEAVY SENTENCE made their reco..
Brand: Gates Of Hell Catalog Number: GOH74
Heavy Metal From Philadelphia, USA.TRACK LISTING:1. Legends Of Time And Eidolon2. Put Down Your Steel (Just For The Night)3. The Executioner,s Woe4. Endless Halls Of Golden Totem5. The Alchemist's Brute6. The Night Watchmen Of Starfall Tower7.Consumed By Glory Light8. Into Shores Of Blood..
Brand: Cruz Del Sur Catalog Number: CRUZ131
New album!TRACK LISTING:1. The Powers That Be2. Will We Rise3. Waiting to Drown4. Lost in the Waves5. Ride Us to Hell6. When the World Was Mine7. Freedom8. Dying Sun9. I Can Hear Them..
Brand: Lost Realm Catalog Number: REALM051CD
Text by LOST REAL RECORDS site.They partied hard in the Sunset Strip! This forgotten 80s Melodic Metal gem will have is more than deserved CD reissue!LETCHEN GREY is one of those examples of a hard rock and heavy metal cocktail. A product of this time, and mostly, of the local scene they were a part..
Brand: Lost Realm Catalog Number: REALM049CD
Text by LOST REAL RECORDS site.After a long wait, we are extremely pleased and tremendously proud to bring you the much desired reissues of DAMIEN's first two albums!U.S. Metal aficionados know well how the great state of Ohio was prolific in excellent bands. These metal heroes from Toledo belong to..
Brand: Karthago Catalog Number: KR115-HMC048
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock from Belgium, 2021 Rerelease, lim. to 555 copies, handnumbered, with certifcate, hologram, white tray, with 4 Bonustracks.TRACK LISTING:1. To The Land Of The Rock2. Supertramp3. Never Mind4. In Need Of Ya5. Babbling Wind6. Callin7. Keep Cool Girl8. Oh Girl9. Don't Act Cold With..
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PCRCD228
Speed Metal from Italy, 2021 Album.TRACK LISTING:1. Satan's Bride2. Speed Metal Commando3. The Brawl4. The Hell Of Boilin' Metal (Big Trouble In Chinatown)5. Declaration Of War6. Ton Of Bricks7. Evil Bringer8. Idiots' Prophet9. Grandier's Damnation10. B.M.W. (Black Metal Wheels)11. Back On The Hunt1..
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD226
Heavy Metal from Sweden, 2021 Album, with 2 Bonustracks.TRACK LISTING:1. The Pusher2. In Pitch Black Darkness3. Dues To Pay4. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie5. Boogie Of Death6. Losing You7. Going Down8. The Healer9. Lie To Me10. Violator11. Nightmare (Bonustrack)12. Axewitch (Bonustrack)..
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