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Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-064
Limited Edition 500 Handnumbered.Text by Arkeyn Steel website:This is an absolute striking of Michigan Steel. Straight, loud and sharp, top class Heavy Metal. Get ready to face the blade!NASTY started back in 1990 rising from the growing Michigan Metal scene of the early 90s. From their very first o..
Brand: Steel Gallery Catalog Number: SGR CD-065
Limited Edition 500 Handnumbered CDs.Text by Steel Gallery Records official site.Steel Gallery Records with great honor presents: DARK NIGHTMARE from Grevena city, Northern Greece: Rising from the Dragonlakes of Pindus Mountains, the mighty warriors of the Greek underground. The band’s legendary ear..
Brand: Iron Oxide Catalog Number: HM004
Mystic Storm’s highly anticipiated debut album Из хаоса древних времен (From the Ancient Chaos) is finally here!Mystic Storm hails from St. Petersburg, Russia, and plays a unique style of thrash mixed up with ultra heavy Bolt Thrower riffs, powerful vocals and wild speed metal melodies. This might b..
Brand: Cult Metal Classics Catalog Number: CULTMETALWTCHSECD
From the same area with GOTHAM CITY, these Swedish guys recorded a series of demos that never got to be officially released on vinyl and CD and it was a pity cause what we are dealing with here, is straight forward 80's Swedish steel with great riffs, vocals and choruses that stick to your mind.Limi..
Brand: Cult Metal Classics Catalog Number: CULTMETALWKKVKKCD
Legendary NWOBHM band that back in 1983 released their mega rare and highly sought after "Black of the Night" single and also contributed the song "Super Rokker" in the classic EBONY sampler "Metallic Storm". This compilation features all the songs that the band ever wrote including liner notes, lyr..
Brand: Cult Rock Classics Catalog Number: CULTROCKWNKCD
Yes, you are reading right. This is the highly acclaimed Canadian prog / hard rock monster that came out back in 1977 on vinyl and ever since became a very wanted item by collectors all over the world. For the time officially re-issued on vinyl and CD with many bonus songs, a must have release for e..
Brand: Cult Metal Classics Catalog Number: CULTMETALMHMCD
Simply put, MAYHEM INC is one of the top Chicago metal bands of all time. They only managed to record two demo tapes both of which ended up in collectors' hands. The master tapes were forever lost and these are the best versions of the songs that exist today. In the same league with SLAUTER XSTROYES..
Brand: Cult Metal Classics Catalog Number: CULTMETALLIPSCD
Great newcoming band from Greece with a sound that pays hommage to the 80's and lyrics inspired by cult underground VHS movies. Fans of Maiden and Priest with NWOBHM and retrowave aesthetics, should not miss this one.Limited to 500 copies. Release date: July 28th, 2021.TRACK LISTING:1. Salto Mortale..
Brand: PROG AOR Catalog Number: PROGAOR14
Text by PROGAOR Records:The music you are now listening to represents the best of the remaining previously unreleased Heyoka recordings both live and studio.  The original 1979 studio sessions were first presented as rough mixes to various people very close to the band at the time, and one of those ..
Brand: Usurper Catalog Number: UR001
***For fans of dark, epic doom metal, this one is for you! Just take a listen to hymns of epic doom metal like "A Fading King" or "Devouring Kingdoms"!***The UK/German based doomed crossover outfit Thronehammer set out on a warpath to create the heaviest and most eclectic work they have produced yet..
Brand: Heaven And Hell Catalog Number: HHR117
Text by Heaven And Hell Records official site.Limited edition of 500 worldwide.SINISTAR began to form in 1984 in upstate New York as a 3-piece under the moniker MANIA by high-school students Malcolm Lovegrove on guitar/vocals, bassist Norman Nilson. Lovegrove would meet Caglione through a mutual fri..
Brand: Hooked On Metal Catalog Number: HOM 006
10 songs recorded between 1989 and 1991. The material was never released before.TRACK LISTING:1. Mainline Lover2. All Tanked Up3. Love Expediter4. You're Not That Girl I Used to Know5. Bare Bottom Blues6. If You're Buyin', We're Drinkin'7. Mad Fool For You 8. You Say Goodbye 9. Such A Dirty Mind10. ..
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