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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)


ALTAIR - Ghosts 'n Sinners CD ALTAIR - Ghosts 'n Sinners CD
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Brand: Wild Metal Catalog Number: WMR-CD05
New current band with a very eighties sound, remembering the style of bands like Riot, Villain or Angel Witch.TRACK LISTING:1. The Overlock2. Ghosts 'n Sinners3. Space Rock4. Reason's Edge5. Nemesis6. The Monster's Lair7. The Running Man8. Monstermind9. Heroboy10. Still Alive (But Dead Inside)..
Brand: Wild Metal Catalog Number: WMR-CD04
Dreamteam formed by pioneering members of Biscayan heavy, who need little introduction:Marilu Glez Tudanca the blade voice (Neurosis, Halley86, War, Bang...)Inaki Susunaga on bass (Ace of Swords, Talion...)Arbi Arbide on guitar (Exodo, Kraiobell...)Pako Martinez from Musitu on drums (Halley86..)They..
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Brand: Wild Metal Catalog Number: WMR-CD03
TRACK LISTING:1. El Esclavo De La Niebla2. Reignicion3. Salto De Fe4. Bestia De Metal5. Zorrostiaga Saloon..
Brand: Diabolic Might Catalog Number: D.M.R.058 - CD
SPHINX - German thrash metal at its best. SPHINX, sent you back to 1985 right after the intro, with dirty raw sound how its got to be.If you listen to this and you don’t like it, you are already dead!Legacy Magazine # 136 Soundcheck Pos. 3Deaf Forever Magainze # 45 Soundcheck Pos. 9FOR FANS OF: EARL..
Brand: Gadir Catalog Number: GR-28 - HC-21
From the deepest memories of the eighties, we uncover Pandora's box to rescue its unknown and fantastic first stage.Similar to bands like VILLAIN, RACER X.TRACK LISTING:DEMO I (1989)1. Santa Inquisicion2. Heroes3. Frente al EspejoDEMO II (1991)4. Intro - Obertura5. Alma O Gusano6. Triste Despertar7...
Brand: Iron Oxide Catalog Number: HM008
8 songs, 46 minutes of pure Heavy Metal! First CD pressing limited to 1000 copies, incl. both versions of the new MLP. 4 brand new songs, each in 2 versions: with Japanese and with English lyrics!METALUCIFER started in 1995 as a side project of Gezol, vocalist and bassist of the legendary Japanese B..
Brand: Steel Gallery Catalog Number: SGR CD-068
Heavy/Power Metallers FORBIDDEN SEED return with their third full length: “On Blackest Wings, Shadow Of The Crow Pt. I”: A mysterious, dark and enigmatic concept album that follows the storyline of “The Crow” movie.Musically the band presents a unique combination of Heavy and Power Metal with sympho..
Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR059
A reissue all the NWOBHM maniacs were waiting for! SYAR was formed in 1981, and gained local reputation by sharing the stage with other local acts, such as CHEVY or LIMELIGHT. The band started to work on a debut album entitled “Deep In The Night”, but due to various complications it was released few..
STAR.GATE - The Dream CD
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Brand: Steel Gallery Catalog Number: SGR CD-062
Steel Gallery Records presents the 4th album of STAR.GATE, “The Dream” (SGR CD-062).Hellenic Melodic/Neoclassical Metal at its best. Amazing, first class song writing, absolutely no fillers! Excellent guitar work and explosive rhythm section!STAR.GATE are back with their fourth album, “The Dream”. T..
KRILLOAN - Stories Of Times Forgotten CD (US IMPORT!) KRILLOAN - Stories Of Times Forgotten CD (US IMPORT!)
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Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL278
Behold the debut offering from the Swedish power/speed metal merchants KRILLOAN "Stories Of Times Forgotten" on limited CD pressing.If you like bands like Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Last Horizon, Warrior Path, and if razor-sharp riffing, epic choruses, and soaring vocals are your thing, be prepared ..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL286
NWOTHM, an international collaboration, spanning members on 4 continents, worshiping on the altar of 80’s US Power Metal. For fans of early METAL CHURCH, VICIOUS RUMORS, LIZZY BORDEN, LEATHERWOLF, DOKKEN, and so on.TRACK LISTING:1. Arrow One2. Jeopardy3. Texas Is Coming For You4. From Inside5. The R..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL285
The third full length Grimgotts album, and in our opinion, the most ambitious to date. What started as Harry Potter parody band, has now blossomed into impressive fantasy power metal force to be recon with. Darkness creeps over the island of Boobia. Join the brave captain Gannon in his quest to the ..
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