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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)


Brand: Cruz Del Sur Catalog Number: CRUZ134
Six songs of emotion-laden, unparalleled doom for the darkest of times.On their sixth studio album, Until the Darkness Goes, Apostle of Solitude channel loss and isolation into their finest work to date - a heavy, melodic, ultimately cathartic offering of pure doom.TRACKLISTING:1. When The Darkness ..
Brand: Heaven And Hell Catalog Number: HHR128
Formed in Milwaukie, Wisconsin by guitarists Paul Laganowski, Takis Kinis and bassist Steve Post, ⅗ of technical power thrash metallers REALM, Along with Gemini drummer Brian Reidinger and LAST CRACK’s esoteric frontman Buddo.The band would release a 3-song demo in 1994 and in 1996 they would self-r..
Brand: Heaven And Hell Catalog Number: HHR129
OF DYING DREAMS was formed in October 1993 following the breakup of two Greensboro, NC–based metal bands. The remaining members of Requiem Mass (Chris Ferguson, vocals and keyboards; John Anthony, bass; and Chris Wheat, drums) enlisted former Perpetual Iniquity drummer/singer Scott Ingold to play gu..
Brand: PROG AOR Catalog Number: DR16
Heartbreaker was formed in 1973 by Steve Annetts (who later joined NWOBHM band After Dark), Ian Foster, Dave Sexton, Roger Lewis, Keith Scutter and Andy Hill on keyboards. The band seemed to be on the right track when Johnny Glover (ex-Free/Spooky Tooth manager) and Richard Griffiths (Island/Sony Mu..
Brand: Girder Catalog Number: GR1092
When Petra regathered for their second project with new vocalist John Schlitt and producers John and Dino Elefante, they ditched the flying spaceship guitar, pushed the keyboards way back in the mix in deference to highly processed and crunchy guitars, and embraced a militaristic lyrical and visual ..
Brand: Girder Catalog Number: GR1120
On Fire!, originally released in 1988, is by far the heaviest of all Petra albums with the exception of Jekyll and Hyde.  A true hard rock masterpiece if there ever was one. On Fire! was nominated for a Grammy™ and won a Dove award for their music video. It was also the first album to include t..
Brand: Girder Catalog Number: GR1117
Originally released in 1983. If there was an album that might have influenced an entire Christian rock culture, look no further than Not of This World, the band’s 5th album.  By 1983, Petra was running on rocket fuel.  Not of This World proved to every creature on earth (and beyond) what a..
Brand: Girder Catalog Number: GR1116
Originally released in 1981. Something happened between 1979 and 1981. Petra's 4th album Never Say Die took a turn to very AOR/Def Leppard-ish like approach compared to the Air Supply approach of Washes Whiter Than, dropping rockers like “Chameleon,” “Angel of Light,” “Without Him We Can Do Nothing,..
Brand: Girder Catalog Number: GR1093
Petra got its start in 1972 as one of the pioneers of Christian Rock.  Now 20 albums later with 4 Grammys™ and 10 Dove Awards™, they are the World’s Most Popular Christian Rock Band.  It didn't matter if you were listening to Deliverance, Amy Grant, and Michael W. Smith, one thing is for c..
Brand: Girder Catalog Number: GR1094
Petra’s Grammy nominated 1985 album, Beat The System, is certainly one of Petra's most transitional works. It is also one that, despite being thoroughly a product of its time, manages to sound surprisingly relevant today.Due to the departure of keyboardist John Slick, the preponderance of the album’..
Brand: Girder Catalog Number: GR1119
Very few bands have had more than one lead singer in which the later singers saw as much, if not more, success than the previous. Those exceptions would be Sammy Hagar of Van Halen, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Dio with Black Sabbath and John Schlitt with Petra.  Back To the Street, John's first alb..
Brand: Girder Catalog Number: GR1108
Leviticus could sure school the current generation of metal fans a few things, starting with the longevity that goes hand in hand with creating quality art that has stood the test of time.  Leviticus interweaved a foundation of melodic metal with tendencies towards power metal with I Shall Conq..
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