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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)


Brand: Girder Catalog Number: GR1096
If there ever was a defining moment in a band’s history, for Bride, it would be this one.  Snakes in the Playground was Bride's fifth and most successful album.  Rarely did albums grace the Christian music scene that were welcomed with as much fanfare as this one. For Christian rock fans w..
Brand: Girder Catalog Number: GR1095
Completely remastered for both CD and Vinyl. This Webstore exclusive CD can only be purchased here and will come in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet containing lyrics, photos, and a special limited edition trading card.Kinetic Faith was Bride's fourth album released in 1991, making this the 30th ..
Brand: Girder Catalog Number: GR1085
When Bloodgood’s self-titled full-length debut stormed out of the gates in 1986 on Frontline Records, the Christian metal world rejoiced upon hearing this potent and thrilling mix of the killer riffs of David Zaffiro, the pulsating bass of Michael Bloodgood, the pounding drums of JT Taylor, all buoy..
Brand: Girder Catalog Number: GR1086
The Beatles once sang, “It was twenty years ago today / Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.” In 1993, the trailblazing metal missionaries, Bloodgood, who taught and inspired many in the Christian metal realm how to play passionate music of both substance and power, took a hiatus to raise their fami..
Brand: Alone Catalog Number: ALONE 0148
Limited edition CD 500 copies hand-numbered.TRACK LISTING:1. The Inquisitor2. Demon Hunter3. Iron Pact4. Hijos Del Fuego5. Margaret6. Witch Hunt7. Forces Of The Night8. Rock n’ Roll Possession9. The Begining And The End10. Justicia y Vernganza (Bonus Track)..
Brand: Alone Catalog Number: ALONE-0139
Re-release with Brand New Cover + 1 Bonus Track! Limited edition 500 handnumbered copies. Power Metal (U.S.A.).TRACK LISTING:1. Erotic Abode2. Virus3. A Feast For A Beggar4. Hellraiser5. Solitary Man6. Far And Beyond7. Resurrected8. Eternity9. Funeral March (Instrumental)10. When We Die11. Beyond Th..
Brand: Alone Catalog Number: ALONE-0149
Power Metal Band from BRAZIL.CD 500 copies. Hand-numbered with sticker on cover!TRACK LISTING:1. Battlecry2. The Revenger3. Soulchasers4. Warriors Of The Sea5. Imperium6. Cursed7. You Die Stay Dead8. Terror Is Reallity9. Galactic Hell10. Rise..
Brand: Steel Gallery Catalog Number: SGR CD-067
A real shining diamond, that highlights an outstanding mixture of melody and power, under a brand new line up featuring Kostas Domenikiotis on bass, Vassilis Papadopoulos (ex-KONAN) on vocals, Anthimos Manti on guitars, Sakis Bandis (HORIZON’S END) on keyboards and Stergios Kourou (HORIZON’S END, WA..
Brand: Alone Catalog Number: ALONE-0131
Limited edition CD - 500 copies hand-numbered with sticker on cover.TRACK LISTING:1. Death Spell2. Animate Dead3. Fireball4. Cause Light Wounds5. Sleep6. Dimension Door7. Cone Of Cold8. Stinking Cloud..
Brand: Alone Catalog Number: ALONE-0138
Limited edition CD 500 hand-numbered Copies.TRACK LISTING:1. Snowdevil Sleeps2. Precious Time3. Through Crimson Shores4. Thought Saboteur5. Against The Wish6. Kill The Weak (Skeptic's Eye)7. Return To Dust8. Closing The Chapter9. Twighlight Exit (Bonus Track)10. Closing The Chapter *Demo Version (Bo..
Brand: Alone Catalog Number: ALONE-0121
Classic Heavy Metal (SWEDEN)– Michalis Rinakakis (Event Horizon X, The Silent Rage, Dragonrider, ex-Air Raid)– Johan Scheuer (Recovery)– Kane Svantesson (Destiny)METAL RAIDER Raid the Night + Iron Forge (Single)500 copies + STICKER “hand-numbered”.TRACK LISTING:1. Mystic Ruins2. Into Battle3. Raid T..
Brand: Alone Catalog Number: ALONE-0146
Limited to 300 copies CD - hand-numbered with sticker on cover.TRACK LISTING:1. Hero’s Journey2. Call Of The Wild3. Rising Tide4. Court Of The Tyrant King5. Northern Cross6. See No Evil7. My Last Command8. By Death Reborn..
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