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Brand: Faster And Louder Records Catalog Number: FAL05
Classic speed metal-punk album reissued on CD for the first time in Europe with its original cover, plus slipcase with German different cover art. Limited to only 300 copies.Slipcase comes with the german cover version and booklet with original cover. Booklet with lyrics and photos of the band.TRACK..
Brand: Divebomb Catalog Number: DIVE218
The legendary Dan Swano may be thought of as a "metal god" - writing and performing as well as producing, mixing, and mastering countless such projects over the decades - but keep in mind that even by 1990, Swano had already been involved with a variety of rock, hardcore/punk, and metal bands. In hi..
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Brand: Waterslide Records Catalog Number: WS172
TRACKLISTING:1. When I Was A Kid2. Ghost Surfer Girl3. Big Shot4. Big Wave Bay5. Walk The Walk6. A Criminal Mind7. Shalalala8. Le Surfin Carcon9. Rainy Afternoon10. Down At Lulu's11. Cowboy Abunga12. Mexican Sandoff13. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.14. And There She Goes15. Sunshine Under Ground16. King Of Surf..
THIS IS A STANDOFF - Be Disappointed CD
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Brand: Funtime Records Catalog Number:
After the demise of their former band Belvedere, songwriter/guitarist Steve Rawles and drummer Graham Churchill were set on starting a new project and getting back on the road. After joining forces with Forty Cent Fix’s John Meloche, they gathered in Calgary, Alberta to write songs for their first a..
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Brand: Prosthetic Catalog Number: 10110-2
TRACK LISTING:1. Burns Like A Paper Rose 2. Deathless 3. Sin After Sin 4. Old Dirty Paranoia 5. Secret Handshakes 6. Shiver In The Heat 7. We Speak In Tongues 8. Gone To Dust 9. My Enemy 10. To Whore With Foreign Gods..
H2O - Don't Forget Your Roots CD
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Catalog Number: B9R157
TRACKINGLIST:1. Attitude (Bad Brains)2. Satyagraha (7 Seconds)3. Pride (Madball)4. Get The Time (Descendents)5. Said Gun (Embrace)6. I Wanna Live (Ramones)7. Cats And Dogs (Gorilla Biscuits)8. Someday I Suppose (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones)9. Journey To The End Of The East Bay (Rancid)10. Safe (Dag ..
SARABELLUM - Snails Delve Into Friends CD
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Brand: Heaven And Hell Catalog Number: HHR100
CD FEATURES:- First time on CD- Both demo releases- 11 bonus tracks (only available on CD version)- Remastered- 12-page booklet- Photos and lyrics- Limited to 500 copies worldwideFOR FANS OF: Black Flag, Soundgarden, Clutch, Helmet, Jesus Lizard & Primus.TRACK LISTING:1. Snail2. Delve3. Friends4. Ci..
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