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Brand: Shiver Catalog Number: SHR 516
In your face melodic black metal with eerie unconventional melodies and icy cold vocals ! Bands that come to mind are Satyricon, Marduk, Dissection. Superb ! TRACK LISTING: 1. Serpent's Lament 2. Obscured 3. Cry For Omega 4. Envy 5. The Ice 6. From Depths To Surface 7. Ravens Claw 8. The ..
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Brand: Shiver Catalog Number: SHR504
Pounding, groovy and brutal as hell death metal. TRACK LISTING: 1. Loki 2. Chapters 3. Downfall 4. Cynical Breath 5. Rites 6. The Weary 7. Heartstorm 8. Wretched 9. The Throne  ..
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Brand: Shiver Catalog Number: SHR 112
Death metal for those who have a weak spot for ultra guttural vocals, heavy ass breakdowns, intense blasting and flawless musicianship TRACK LISTING: 1. Along Came the Cook 2. Eat Shit 3. Graveyard Groceries 4. I Eat Dead People 5. Scavenger 6. Ready Steady Cook 7. Stillborn Stew 8. Ripe ..
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MYRKVAR - Als Een Woeste Horde CD
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Brand: Shiver Catalog Number: SHR 512
Folk melodies on violin and keys accompanied by heavy guitar riffs mixed with black metal blasts and the occasional dancable humpaas - superb black-ish folk metal TRACK LISTING: 1. Stilte voor de Storm 2. I Viking 3. Trollisfarne 4. Jagersmaan 5. Den Ware Held 6. Wolftijd 7. Geboren uit Oo..
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FLESHMOULD - The Lazarus Breed CD
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Brand: Shiver Catalog Number: SHR104
Fleshmould can be described as mainly death-metal, technical, but melanged with several subgenres to keep things interesting and daring: no boundaries. Formed late 1999 the band did 3 releases before signing to Shiver Records.TRACK LISTING:1. Argus 2. God Of Nihil 3. Apocalyptus Rexx 4. Structures..
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FALLOUT - Bone As Dust Shall Be CD
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Brand: Shiver Catalog Number: SHR 517
Wow, this sounds just like coming out of the US metal scene during the 80’s! First class speed/thrash metal from a young band that is ready to thrash the fucking world! TRACK LISTING: 1. The Sirens 2. Suicidal Thoughts 3. Bone As Dust Shall Be 4. Hate 5. Modern Vampire 6. Open Your Eyes 7...
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DAYS OF BETRAYAL - Decapitated For Research CD
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Brand: Shiver Catalog Number: SHR 114
Drawing influences from Heaven Shall Burn, At The Gates and Bolt Thrower, the band has grown and added a lot more elements, not only song structure wise but a lot more technique comes to it this time. ''Decapitated for Research'' sounds brutal, fast , a metal album in all its layers but with a origi..
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