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Blood & Iron

RAVEN BLACK NIGHT - Metal Martyrs (Anthology 2000 - 2009) CD
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Brand: Blood & Iron Catalog Number: IRON044
Compilation Double-CD containing the "Choose The Dark" album plus unreleased songs (CD1) and various demo songs recorded from 2000 to 2009 (CD2).TRACK LISTING:CD 1:1. Morbid Gladiator2. My Love Is Holy 3. Gothic Black 4. Nocturnal Birth 5. Swamped 6. If You Choose The Dark 7. Blood On My Wings 8. Mo..
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Brand: Blood & Iron Catalog Number: IRON036 / REALM002
Double CD edition.TRACK LISTING:CD1:1. Rising2. Shit On The Wall3. Stand Up4. Young And Mean5. Black Jack6. Sweet Burning Angel7. Interruption8. Money9. Bangin' On Your Own10. Go Down11. Can't You See12. LiarCD2:1. No More Fateful Days2. Liar3. Interruption4. She's A Heavy Metal Thunder5. Rock 'n Ro..
Brand: Blood & Iron Catalog Number: IRON037 / REALM003
TRACK LISTING:Unreleased '901. Out Of This Room2. Skateboarding Is Not A Crime3. When The Curtain Falls4. Feeling Down5. Fire In Your Eyes6. Visions Of Tomorrow7. Don't Hold Back8. Once Shannah9. The Cycle Ends10. Daydream Survival11. Flat TyreVisions Of Tomorrow Demo '8912. The Beast13. We Will Roc..
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Brand: Blood & Iron Catalog Number: IRON 026
TRACK LISTING: 1. Clint 2. Lumberjack 3. Lock Up Your Daughters 4. I Never Learn 5. Banana Christening 6. Can You Make It 7. Rancid Dancer 8. Shot Glass Eyes 9. Two Strong Fists 10. Scorched Earth 11. Get My Shit Together 12. Your Music 13. Back East Out West 14. Crystal D..
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Brand: Blood & Iron Catalog Number: IRON013
US Doom Metal! Contains 10 songs. TRACK LISTING: 1. Loaded and Damned 2. Quest for Fire 3. Distance 4. Patience and a Shovel 5. A Dangerous Prayer 6. No Worry Woman 7. Ghost Dance 8. New Ink 9. War Injun 10. Razorwire, Guards & Stone  ..
CARDIAC NOOSE - Girl Named Misery CD
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Brand: Blood & Iron Catalog Number: IRON 021/MSR 024
TRACK LISTING: 1. Tomb Of The Warrior 2. Dead In Your Lies 3. Get Back Home 4. Rock-n-Roller 5. Girl Named Misery 6. Lonely Man 7. Thrill Of It All 8. Fallen 9. American Outlaws 10. 911 11. Long Way From Gone 12. The Road To Megiddo  ..
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Brand: Blood & Iron Catalog Number: B&I 015/DCP 028
Inquisitor hails from Portugal and Virgin Killer from Colombia. Both deliver great raw Speed Metal the ancient way. Looking at both bands we believe we are in 1985 or 86 when many great Speed Metal records came out like Infernal Overkill, Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow, Hellish Crossfire, Metal Revo..
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Brand: Blood & Iron Catalog Number: IRON 007
This is a great re-issue coming from the label ''Blood and Iron Records'', containing all the tracks of the 1993 album, remastered in 2009 + 04 Bonus (03 tracks from 2009 + 01 Video Clip)! One of the rarest white metal albums of all time finally on CD! TRACK LISTING: 1. Tola Odissιia 2. Herd..
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