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ORPHAN ALLIES - Running From The Law CD
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Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR072
First official CD reissue of the only one studio album from the Chicago's obscure female fronted Heavy Metal act, originally released in 1986. Booklet incl. many previously unseen photos, and an interview with Laith Alani. Full range dynamic mastering. Limited edition of 500 copies. For fans of BLAC..
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Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR068
New studio album of the legendary NWOBHM act. 10 great songs, old school sound & production, and classic cover artwork. Classic Heavy Metal for fans of IRON MAIDEN, SAXON and JUDAS PRIEST!Available date: September 22nd, 2022.TRACK LISTING:1. Living a Lie     2. Unseen Enemy3. Hydr..
Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR067
Speed/Thrash Metal from Los Angeles! Great studio recordings from 1990 and 1991, mastered from the original master tapes. 10 songs FIRST TIME EVER ON CD, great thick booklet. Feat. members of BLOODLUST and RUTHLESS. For fans of ATROPHY, LAAZ ROCKIT, (early) FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, FORBIDDEN etc.Release ..
SYAR - Death Before Dishonour CD
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Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR059
A reissue all the NWOBHM maniacs were waiting for! SYAR was formed in 1981, and gained local reputation by sharing the stage with other local acts, such as CHEVY or LIMELIGHT. The band started to work on a debut album entitled “Deep In The Night”, but due to various complications it was released few..
BLOODLUST - Terminal Velocity CD
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Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR064
Bloodlust is a Speed Metal band from Los Angeles, California, United States, formed in 1983.Official 2021 CD reissue of this US Speed/Power Metal classic! Comes with dynamic mastering, amazing 16-page booklet, bonus tracks.TRACK LISTING:1. Terminal Velocity2. City of the Forgotten3. C.T.R. (Sunday's..
MILITIA - The Second Coming CD
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Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR062
***IMPORTANT NOTE: This CD will be a part of MILITIA "The Sybling Ultimate Box Set", coming soon by CULT METAL CLASSICS.*** Text by SKOL records:"The Second Coming" is a compilation that includes 10 tracks taken from the ultra rare EP that MILITIA released in 1986, and two original MILITIA demo tape..
Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR061
Text by SKOL records:MILITIA "And The Gods Made War" - new album out on January 29 on Skol Records (CD, DD) and High Roller Records (LP).Legendary Texas Metal power thrashers MILITIA announce the release of a new studio album, "And The Gods Made War". The album includes 10 songs and an intro."The so..
Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR058
Official reissue of the classic NWOBHM album from 1984 (originally released on Mausoleum Records), incl. 2 bonus tracks from the ”Blood On The Streets” 7” vinyl single from 1983, for the first time on CD. Original album artwork, thick booklet with previously unseen photos, new dynamic mastering.For ..
Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR057
The two classic albums of the female fronted U.S. metal band from New York. 2020 Reissue, limited edition 500 copies.TRACK LISTING:"Unlaced"1. March of the Black Witch2. Call of the Wild3. Damn Cheater4. Runner in the Night5. Devil in Disguise6. On the Attack7. Born to Raise Hell8. Hots for You9. Ni..
Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR052
Limited edition 500 copies.TRACK LISTING:Heavy Demons1. Walpurgisnacht2. Where Have You Gone?3. Heavy Demons4. Family Vault5. Lilith6. Peace of Mind7. Way to Power8. Baphomet9. Inquisitor10. Templar's Revenge11. All Souls' Day12. Sorcerous Valley (Back to the Real)The Cursed Concert1. Ave Satani / P..
DEATH SS - ...In Death Of Steve Sylvester CD
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Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR050
Limited edition 500 copies double CD incl. 2 original albums, tons of rare photos, lyrics, liner notes.TRACK LISTING:CD1...In Death Of Steve Sylvester1. Vampire2. Death3. Black Mummy4. Zombie5. Werewolf6. Terror7. I Love The Dead8. The Hanged Ballad9. Murder Angels10. Come To The SabbatCD2Black Mass..
DEATH SS - The Story Of Death SS 1977 - 1984 CD
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Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR048
DEATH SS - The Story Of Death SS 1977 - 1984 - The Horned God Of The Witches.Limited edition 500 copies.First in the series, including two full albums: "The Story Of Death SS 1977-1984" and "The Horned God Of The Witches" (both recorded by the first line up of the band) out in September! DEATH SS is..
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