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DEATH SS - The Story Of Death SS 1977 - 1984 CD
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Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR048
DEATH SS - The Story Of Death SS 1977 - 1984 - The Horned God Of The Witches.Limited edition 500 copies.First in the series, including two full albums: "The Story Of Death SS 1977-1984" and "The Horned God Of The Witches" (both recorded by the first line up of the band) out in September! DEATH SS is..
Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR047
Limited edition 500 copies, includes 9 bonus tracks.Saying that Sweden has a great tradition when it comes to heavy metal, is as obvious as saying that the sky is blue. AXE WITCH maybe weren't as known as let's say CANDLEMASS, HEAVY LOAD or EUROPE, but managed to leave great legacy, and all 4 albums..
Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR045
2019 Reissue, limited edition 500 copies.TRACK LISTING:1. Metal Az Esz2. Gyulolnek3. Szabadsag Szarnyain4. Egy Az Isten: Rock 'n' Roll5. Indulj!6. Engedj!7. Kitaszitott8. Ne Bantsd A Fiut!9. Keso Hosnek Lenni10. A Dal Erted El11. Vallomas12. Ujra Megszuletnek13. Bon Scott Emlekere14. 1990..
RAVEN - Hard Ride CD Single
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Brand: Skol Catalog Number: UK025
Limited edition 500 copies replica 7" single in miniature vinyl cover.Another release of the official CD replicas of the original NWOBHM singles! Two songs, dynamic mastering, and a cartoon sleeve. One of the most important acts of the entire genre, absolute classic!For fans of: IRON MAIDEN, SATAN, ..
Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR041
Limited edition 500 copies, 2019 reissue including 2 bonus tracks.Pokolgep are one of the most important heavy metal acts from Eastern Europe, and their early albums - "Totalis Metal" (1986), "Pokoli Szinjatek" (1987), "Ejszakai Bevetes" (1989) and "Metal Az Esz" (1990), are the ultimate classics of..
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Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR036
TRACK LISTING:1. Avenger - Inquisitor2. Enforcer - Let It Loose3. Witch Cross - Strong Arm Of The Law4. Cauldron - Free Country5. Helvetets Port - Highway Rider6. Gatekeeper - Richard III7. Ironflame - Shoot Out The Lights8. Hitten - The Watcher9. Substratum - Cast My Spell10. Twisted Tower Dire - C..
Brand: Skol Catalog Number: SR038
First official CD reissue of this pure heavy metal gem!2018 reissue, limited edition 500 copies. Original high quality sound with dynamic mastering plus tons of rare photos, lyrics, liner notes.Helstar, S.A. Slayer, Juggernaut, Militia, Watchtower... Texas gave birth to a bunch of excellent heavy me..
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