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Last Warrior

Brand: Last Warrior Catalog Number: LWR-24
HEAVY METAL since 2006, as pure and heavy as it can be played, no more, no less."This Album was recorded live without clicks and metronome, the intention was to fully capture the essence, energy and power of VOLTAX, only Vocals and Keyboards were recorded separately".Limited to 500 hand-numbered cop..
SILVER SHADOW - Silver Shadow CD
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Brand: Last Warrior Catalog Number: LWR25
HEAVY METAL from South America and Mexico is making their debut again! SILVER SHADOW! An exhilarating and dynamic piece with a female vocalist singing loudly with passionate Spanish lyrics! After all, the recent momentum of South American metal girls like FILOSA and KOMBATE is amazing! The interacti..
ABADDON - Abaddon CD
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Brand: Last Warrior Catalog Number: 100366USED
!ATTENTION! !ATTENTION! !ATTENTION! The disc is checked and plays fine but the paper parts and/or the disc may have scratches, bent edges etc. Please contact us if you need more info about the condition of the item...
ABADDON - Abaddon CD
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Brand: Last Warrior Catalog Number: 100366
TRACK LISTING: 1. Abaddon 2. Claro de Luna 3. Cuenta Final 4. Formas del Mal          5. Madame Bathory      6. Pesadilla Mortal      7. Noches de Metal      8. Dueños de la Obscuridad 9. Jinetes de las Armas      10. Zhila    ..
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