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Brand: Metalizer Catalog Number: MR001LP
Text by Metalizer Records:We are very proud to present you this amazing piece of REAL HEAVY METAL from austria. They carries the spirit of the early NWoBHM from Tygers Of Pan Tang, Judas Priest, Saxon and combine this with the new Metal Movement like Ambush, Striker, etc.The difference to many other..
DESLOK - The Ultimate Thrashology 1987-1991 CD
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Brand: Metalizer Catalog Number: MERE 035
TRACK LISTING: 1. Rain Of Ruin 2. Too Cool 3. Relic Of Depression 4. IOJPW 5. Fatal Endearment 6. The Extrinsic 7. Excuse Me, Miss 8. Not Your God 9. Saltwound 10. Seeing Eye 11. Whip It  ..
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CHAINSAW - Permanent Menace CD
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Brand: Metalizer Catalog Number: MERE 005
TRACK LISTING: 1. Selecting the Scum      2. Apparent Death          3. Inhuman      4. Thrashmare          5. Running Fire           6. Behind Shuttered Doors           7. Bury God      8. Kill the Unblessed          9. Lambs to the Slaughter (bonus track) 10. Pox 'n' Plague (bonus track)..
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