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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)

Iron Shield

Brand: Iron Shield Catalog Number: ISR 066-18/C
True Heavy Metal from Brazil metal warriors.TRACK LISTING:1. In The Woods2. The Witch3. By Steel4. Marching To The Mountains5. Valhalla6. The King And The Sword7. Immortals8. Stand Fight To Kill9. The Black Coast..
Brand: Iron Shield Catalog Number: ISR 067-18 / C
Debut album on CD by this heavy metal band from Florida.TRACK LISTING:1. Hidden Dreams2. Last Alive3. Slavery Or Steel4. Borderlands5. While The God's Laugh6. Dark Child7. Worker Metal Might8. Lord Of Endless Night..
Brand: Iron Shield Catalog Number: ISR 019-13C
TRACK LISTING: 1. Blood! Blood! Blood! 2. Emperor Of The Walking Dead 3. Flesh For Frankenstein 4. The Cemetery 5. Deceased And Obssessed 6. Brain Frenzy 7. Blessed Are The Dead 8. Strontium Dog 9. War Of The Worlds 10. Zombie Lake..
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