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Golden Core

AMPYRE - Ampyre Vinyl MLP
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Brand: Golden Core Catalog Number: GCR 20165-1
Style: Melodic Metal, Hard Rock, AOR, Female Fronted Metal.Extent: LP with printed inlay (rare photos, liner notes etc.)First official release since the recordings in 1991!Produced by Hardy Heinlin (Scarlet, Poison, Abraxas, Death In Action).Recorded at Marquee Studio (Mayfair, Aurora, Notwist, Schw..
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Brand: Golden Core Catalog Number: GCR 20173-2
TRACK LISTING:1. Let It Rock2. Rock Salad (Rock Solid)3. Hard Livin'4. Wasted Time5. Don't Mess With The Brass6. Lonely Lover7. Thru' To You8. Black Cadillac9. Cold Turkey10. Love Is A Lie11. The Limit..
SUDDEN DEATH - All Or Nothing Vinyl LP
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Brand: Golden Core Catalog Number: GCR 20137-1
NOW ON VINYL!Due to the competition from the USA and England, Heavy Metal made in Germany was often not noticed in the eighties.When the only LP of the Berlin band Sudden Death was released in 1987, the speed and thrash wave as well as the softer hair metal groups were also popular.Today, however, h..
VA - The Best & The Rare Of GAMA Records CD
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Brand: Golden Core Catalog Number: DIVE195
Text by ZYX Records:THE BEST AND THE RARE OF GAMA RECORDS(Hard Rock & Heavy Metal 1980-1989)- Double CD, Jewelcase- 20 pages booklet including rare photos and liner notes- Four songs of 38 for the first time on CD- All recordings for this double CD remastered In the eighties GAMA from Kirchheim/Teck..
Brand: Golden Core Catalog Number: GCR-20135-2
Special 3CD edition with all killer tunes of the legendary GRIFFIN!TRACK LISTING:Flight Of The Griffin1-1. Hawk The Slayer1-2. Heavy Metal Attack1-3. Submission1-4. Creeper1-5. Flight Of The Griffin1-6. Fire In The Sky1-7. Hell Runneth Over1-8. Judgement Day1-9. Travelling In TimeBonus Tracks1-10. C..
Brand: Golden Core Catalog Number: GCR 20135-1
"Flight Of The Griffin" NOW ON VINYL!In all ranking lists about "US Metal of the Eighties" you can find Griffin at some point, even though they only released two albums.  Similar to Cirith Ungol or Manilla Road the style is very peculiar. In the case of Griffin this is also caused by the unusual voc..
SUDDEN DEATH - All Or Nothing CD
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Brand: Golden Core Catalog Number: GCR 20137-2
Classic german heavy metal from the 80s!TRACK LISTING:1. Bloody Conclusion2. Killer3. Dust In The Wind4. Loaded Brain5. Backstage Queen6. All Or Nothing7. Nightrider8. I Want It9. Loaded Brain (Live 1986)10. Intro Song (Demo 1986)11. Sudden Death (Demo 1986)12. Nightrider (Demo 1986)13. Confusion Of..
Brand: Golden Core Catalog Number: GCR 20125-2
2 Dutch metal classics in one CD! 2019 restored and remastered, including 3 bonus tracks!TRACK LISTING:Reign Of Evil (1985)1. Mortal Agony2. Choice Of Life3. Judgement Day4. Master Of Time5. Evil Spirits6. Coming Out Of The Sky7. Death Struggle Killer8. Reign Of EvilDevil's Victim (1984)9. Trip To D..
Brand: Golden Core Catalog Number: GCR 20126-2
2 80s metal classics in 1 CD - 2019 remastered!TRACK LISTING:Die Tonight (1984)1. Stupid Lies2. Die Tonight3. Vultures In The Air4. Jam To The Ramp5. Hands Up6. October Holidays7. Down And Out8. Burning To AshesHeroes (1985)9. Firebird10. Heroes11. Do Come True12. Smell A Rat13. Sold To Kill14. Love..
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