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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)


Brand: Ragnarok Catalog Number: RAG 026
Old school thrash metal from COSTA RICA. For fans of: KREATOR, FORBIDDEN, EXODUS.TRACK LISTING:1. Self-Destruct2. Lunar Eternity3. Common Sense4. Barred Existence5. False Democracy6. Color Blind7. Strike As One8. Disposable..
Brand: Ragnarok Catalog Number: RAG 024
Text by Ragnarök Records official site.Mass Hypnosia's Debut Album Reissued!Bearing a new mix overseen and approved by the band, this reissue of Attempt to Assassinate is a killer reminder of how ripping and merciless their debut record was when it first crashed the international scene back in 2010...
LIFE ARTIST - Lifelines CD
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Brand: Ragnarok Catalog Number: RAG-025
Limited to 500 copies.Finally the long wait is over! "Lifelines", the self-recorded new album from german Progressive Metal pioneers "Life Artist"  was finally completed in May 2021."Lifelines" is a musical roller coaster ride through various musical genres. While the foundation is still varied..
Brand: Ragnarok Catalog Number: RAG 023
Limited to 300 copies.Killer Souls is a thrash metal band from La Zona de Los Santos, San Jose, Costa Rica, founded in 2016. In 2017 they released their first EP "Revenge Of Souls“ which helped the band to gain more attention in their country and created the opportunity to play in more venues and gi..
Brand: Ragnarok Catalog Number: RAG 022
Text by RAGNAROK RECORDS official site.Tyrant's Curse is the soloproject of multiinstrumentalist Andreas Leyer. Beside Tyrant's Curse Leyer is the singer and guitar-player of the power metal bands Sinforce and 12 Arms and plays bass for Ignition since 2018. According to the principle that "metal has..
Brand: Ragnarok Catalog Number: RAG 021
Text by RAGNAROK RECORDS official site."Warlords" was recorded at the Surgery Studio in Wellington - by founder Steve Francis (drums) and long-time bass player Tim Mekalick. They are joined by the new members Josh O’Brien (guitar) and Paul Roberts (vocals).The nine songs - all live instruments, no t..
Brand: Ragnarok Catalog Number: RAG 020
Text by RAGNAROK RECORDS official site.Yes, Peru isn't the hottest place on Earth for quality Heavy Metal. There are a few groups, but most of them are into the extreme metal stuff. But there is a gem shining in this metal hell, which brings quality to the metal horde. An no, they are not a rip off ..
Brand: Ragnarok Catalog Number: RAG 018
Text by RAGNAROK RECORDS:Long gone are those times when the USA and Western Europe had been the hot spots for quality thrash metal. Other countries followed with original bands and left their mark upon the metal map. Just think of Sepultura.For Central America there was building up a new hot spot fo..
HATE SA - Prevalecer CD
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Brand: Ragnarok Catalog Number: RAG 016
Text by RAGNAROK RECORDS:Here we go again! Four years after its release in South America “Prevalecer” [herrschen (dt.) / to prevail (eng.)] is available for the first time in Europe.Forget everything what you might have heard, read or thought about South American Thrash acts. Hate SA is for the Lati..
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Brand: Ragnarok Catalog Number: RAG 017
Text by RAGNAROK RECORDS:Skull Koraptor is a Thrash Metal band from Athens, Greece. They released their first EP "Dead Ahead" in May 2014 and have shared the stage the following years with bands like Skull Fist, Destroyer 666 and Tankard among others.The band is dedicated to spread the new wave of o..
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Brand: Ragnarok Catalog Number: RAG 013
Text by RAGNAROK RECORDS:More than eight years had passed since the Filipino death/thrash metal act Mass Hypnosia had unleashed an insane piece of proto-death metal album upon the metal community in the form of their debut “Attempt to Assassinate”.That debut features some real in-your-face death/thr..
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Brand: Ragnarok Catalog Number: RAG 010
With the split “Death For Our Rivals” Ragnarök presents a thrash metal-assault that was originally released in late 2017 by californian Nero One-records on tape only. As there has been a big demand to deliver this on CD, we are proud to announce the release of this masterpiece for the first time on ..
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