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Lost Realm

Brand: Lost Realm Catalog Number: REALM039LP-B
Description from LOST REALM records' website:Time to annouce the first band from our British Metal Special Series. Available on vinyl for the first time, we are proud to bring you MACAXE! Recorded in 1981, the "Attack" cassette album is a perfect example of what the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal i..
Brand: Lost Realm Catalog Number: REALM033
We present SCARLET from Columbus, Ohio, and their hit song (should we say anthem?) "SHE TASTE LIKE METAL" from their 1983 debut album. Early US Metal sound can't get much better than this. If you enjoy your Metal with some hard rocking feeling into it (so common in the early 80's, with bands like XC..
Brand: Lost Realm Catalog Number: REALM029
We are delighted to bring you another chapter of obscure Heavy Metal, from the depths of 80's US Metal! After our early wanderings within the 80's Arizona Metal scene (with SHEOL HADES and INTREPID), we came across DEFIANCE and its 'Childz Dream' tape-album, recorded in 1987. With 'Childz Dream', an..
Brand: Lost Realm Catalog Number: REALM025
The year of 1990 marks a turning point on DAMIEN's career. Original vocalist Randy V exits the band and the vocal duties are delivered to Troy Moore, which brings a new vocal approach to the consolidated style of the band. In 1992, a promotional tape is recorded with 7 songs, which represents one of..
Brand: Lost Realm Catalog Number: REALM027
Released in 2011 by the band and with a very short availability, the BEYOND APATHY full-length album marks the return of Toled0's heavy metal masters DAMIEN, after some years of intermission from recording duties. Fronted again by the original singer Randy V and the original drummer Johnny 'Evil' Ca..
Brand: Lost Realm Catalog Number: REALM021
In 1986 the AXTION 'Live' EP is released, through the French label Dream Records (St. Elmos Fire, Nightmare, ESP). It was the band's last release before its demise. Truth most be told: this release never had the proper treatment the band desired. The cover artwork had nothing to do with the AXTION f..
Brand: Lost Realm Catalog Number: REALM018
Formed in 1983 by two brothers, Joe and Nick Sanzeri, together with childhood friend Jeff Haske, MAELSTROM has gained some interest in recent years, among 80s Speed fans and Chicago Metal enthusiasts, fueled by their obscure amateur video 'H-Bomb'. Their demo recordings can be considered extremely r..
Brand: Lost Realm Catalog Number: REALM017
Formed in 1985 in Las Vegas by two friends, Walter Robbins and David Milligan, LUV HUNTER is such a fine example of the best late 80s US Metal had to offer! Don’t be fooled by the band moniker, because here you will only find pure Heavy Metal, with lots of power and melodies, that will remind you th..
Brand: Lost Realm Catalog Number: REALM008
TRACK LISTING:1. Fantasy And Science Fiction2. Firesing3. Hypnotized4. Tales From The Darkside5. City Of Gold (ver.1)6. Off The Hook7. Sign Of The Times8. Rough Diamond9. Kiss And Tell10. Straight Shot11. The Gift12. Flash Back13. Fast Lane14. Beyond Misery15. City Of Gold (ver.2)..
Brand: Lost Realm Catalog Number: REALM014
Before joining Intrepid, taking the bass guitar duty for the recording of the thunderous 'The Message' mini-album, Victor von Glahn had already recorded a powerful demo tape with his band SHEOL HADES! The tape, recorded in 1986, was named 'METAL DISEASE' and it was definitely a appropriate name, con..
Brand: Lost Realm Catalog Number: REALM012
From Dallas - Texas, LOST REALM brings THORN! Their 1987 cassette album "MOONLIGHT TERROR" is an amazing piece of metal with balls! Get ready for some introspective Texas Metal, like a subtle version of Mox Nix or Tyton!Includes the songs from the "Moonlight Terror" cassette album, plus an unrelease..
Brand: Lost Realm Catalog Number: REALM011
Another Heavy Metal chapter from 80s Seattle... we proudly bring you STRYCHNINE "No Escape... Live Or Die! 84-87" CD! Formed in 1981 by the Lamberty brothers, Strychnine is another great example of how prolific the Washington Metal scene was at the time. With two demo tapes recorded, one 7" single r..
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