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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)


Brand: Dissonance Catalog Number: DISS082CDBX
TRACK LISTING:Disc 11. In League With Satan2. Live Like An Angel (Die Like A Devil)Disc 21. Bloodlust2. In Nomine SatanasDisc 31. Die Hard2. Acid QueenDisc 41. Warhead2. Lady LustDisc 51. Manitou2. Women..
SLAMMER - Insanity Addicts CD
-12 %
Brand: Dissonance Catalog Number: DISS037CDD
TRACK LISTING:1. Insanity Addicts2. Bring The Hammer Down3. Maniac4. I.O.U...
14.99€ 16.99€
Brand: Dissonance Catalog Number: DISS054CDD
TRACK LISTING:1. Wings Of Angels 2. Walking In The Shadows 3. Reach Out 4. I'm Coming For You 5. From Hell 6. Call Me In The Morning 7. Rock Will Never Die 8. Temptation 9. Thunder 10.  Now You See Me11. Blue Murder 12. Come Hell Or High Water..
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