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CULT METAL CLASSICS release plan 2022


Brand: Floga Catalog Number: FL137CD
TRACK LISTING:1. Destination... Battlefield2. Hate And Torture3. Bloodthirsty Humanity4. Through My Eyes See Your Death5. The Trial6. Being Insane7. Church Unrules8. Ending... Death9. Stateless10. Hate Under Sacrifice11. Crematory12. Slaughtering Christianity13. Armies Of Hell14. Screams Of Homicide..
Brand: Floga Catalog Number: FL143CD
TRACK LISTING:A Decade In The Grave (1999)1. Intro2. Armaggedon3. Blasphemial4. I Am5. Beyond Good And Evil6. When The Sun Turns Black7. War (Pleasure Of Pain)8. Suffer Forever9. Necrobutcher10. DoubtBlack And Chaos (1988)11. Necrobutcher12. Brothers Of Gore13. Rade of Nature14. Dog Fight15. Lies16...
Brand: Floga Catalog Number: FL136CD
TRACK LISTING:Entrance and Wandering on the Seven Zones (1994 full-length)1. Antiquus Gloria2. Hidden Away From The Sun3. The Frozen Path Of Timeless Wisdom And Trance4. The Inner Battalion Of Dagon5. Everlasting Fire6. Endless Abysses Of Black7. Apparition Of A Haunted Dance8. Darkest Dreams9. Sign..
Brand: Floga Catalog Number: FL134CD
TRACK LISTING:Natorum De Mondo - Demo 19891. Death Metal Symphony2. Natorum De Mondo3. Evil Birth4. Rest In Pain5. Choir Of The Dead6. BlasphemerSabbath Conventions - EP 19927. Transmigration Of Soul8. Sabbath Conventions9. Dawn Of Eternal Suffering10. Beyond The Infernal Path11. Blasphemy Of The Un..
Brand: Floga Catalog Number: FL107CD
TRACK LISTING:1. Savage Brains2. Oath Immortal3. Throne Of Pain4. Pollution Attack5. Human Inhumanity6. Shadows7. Denied8. Never Ending9. Reborn10. Frei Statt BayernBONUS TRACK:11. Jesus Christ (Primal Version)..
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