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Brand: Genocide Catalog Number: GR-0045633
Melodic hard rock / metal exploring new musical landscapes and concepts. A must have for guitar instrumental fans!The fifth studio release by multi instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer Gary Hendrickson, explores new guitar textures and musical landscapes. The Gift features the magical vocals of M..
Brand: Genocide Catalog Number: GR-004-4Q2
TRACK LISTING:1. Second Change2. Love3. I Wouldn't Touch Her With Yours (Revisited)4. Salt Lake God5. Humanity6. City Lights7. Synecku Synecku8. Friendly Fire..
Brand: Genocide Catalog Number: GR-003-4Q2
Comes in a cardboard sleeve.TRACK LISTING:1. High Anxiety2. Time Takes Time3. The X4. Wishing You Were Here5. Useful Idiot6. The Seven Rays7. The Hydra..
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