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Dyamond Roxx

Brand: Dyamond Roxx Catalog Number: DR18
David Mathews started his career way back in the late 60's, in the Psychedelic scene. In 1978, he formed Blown Free, in Houston/TX. Moving on to a heavier, more direct approach, clashing the fuzzy acid guitar sound with high-energy riffing, brilliantly shown in the "The Wizard" single, which became ..
ROSANNA'S RAIDERS - Before & After The Fire 1985 - 2019 CD
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Brand: Dyamond Roxx Catalog Number: DR09
Collection of studio recordings made from 1996 until 2019, that encapsulate what would be RR's third album, after a long hiatus. Some of these songs were released previously on Rosanna Palmer's solo albums, self-released in Australia for the Christian worship music market, so a careful pick'n'mix wa..
LUST - Hollywood Roxx 1976-80: Studio Sessions CD
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Brand: Dyamond Roxx Catalog Number: DR04
LUST were the best kept secret from the prolific California Heavy Rock scene of the 70's, that spawned bands like Van Halen, Quiet Riot, Y&T, Legs Diamond, Motley Crue, Dokken, Snow and many others. The band was formed by Austin M. Carrino (guitar) and vocalist Keith Deen (R.I.P.) who later found ma..
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