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Pride & Joy

CONSTANCIA - Brave New World CD
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Brand: Pride & Joy Catalog Number: PJM12555
TRACK LISTING:1. Brave New World2. Forget Me Not3. Blame It On Love4. Synchronistic5. My Disease6. The Key             7. Titanium8. Stand Your Ground9. Stronger10. We Are Unbreakable11.Open Your Heart..
SILENT WINTER - Empire of Sins CD
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Brand: Pride & Joy Catalog Number: PJM12487
Heavy/Power metal from Greece. 2nd album!TRACKLISTING:1. Gates Of Fire2. Wings Of Destiny3. Shout4. Mirror5. Hunter's Oath6. Where The River Flows7. Dragons Dance8. Empire Of Sins9. Leave A Light On (Belinda Carlisle Cover)..
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