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Steel Shark

Brand: Steel Shark Catalog Number: SRR-CD03
Italian Heavy Metal in the Teutonic style! Limited to 300 digipack copies.TRACK LISTING:1. No Surrender2. Colder Than Heaven3. He's The King4. Reinventing The Fire5. Time To Kill6. Taken By Force7. War In The Fields..
Brand: Steel Shark Catalog Number: SSR-CD02
French Heavy Metal with riffs, melodies and classy style! Limited edition digipack of 300 copies.TRACK LISTING:1.This Is Metal2. The Wanderer3. Outlaw4. Operation Cit Adel5. Don't Come Alone6. Sailing To Atlantis7. Blood Red Line8. Heartbeat Away9. The Savage From The Mountain10. King Of Shame11. Ep..
Brand: Steel Shark Catalog Number: SSR-CD01
2020 heavy metal from Colombia.For fans from JUDAS PRIEST, MOTORHEAD, ACCEPT, ANNIHILATOR.TRACK LISTING:1. Pull The Trigger2. Stronger Than Death3. Day Of Glory4. Murder Ride5. No Pain No Game6. Fast Killer7. Do It For Money8. Leather Witch..
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