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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)

Steel Shark

Brand: Steel Shark Catalog Number: SSR-CD05
Underground classic 80’s Heavy Metal with total respect for the style! 8 songs + 2 bonus (taken from their first Demo).Killer riffs, catchy choruses… WITCHSPELL will blow your mind! Once you will start to listen to the fourth song "Savage, Savage" you will know the deal is done! These Mexican guys m..
Brand: Steel Shark Catalog Number: SSR-CD06
A great mix between 80’s Heavy Metal and actual Heavy Metal! Put some light Thrash influences on some songs, and you have a style between LOUDNESS, OBSESSION and FORBIDDEN!Powerful, melodic and with a great singer from Norway, no doubt this band is between Underground and the superior level.8 solid ..
Brand: Steel Shark Catalog Number: SSR-CD04
Text by Rock Aor Music website.BASTET is an Italian project born from guitarist Mike Petrone’s passion for Metal. In 2019, the band added Nico Gilli as vocalist and obtained the collaboration of Fabio Alessandrini and Frank Leone. The band, initially a side project of GENGIS KHAN, turned soon into a..
Brand: Steel Shark Catalog Number: SRR-CD03
Italian Heavy Metal in the Teutonic style! Limited to 300 digipack copies.TRACK LISTING:1. No Surrender2. Colder Than Heaven3. He's The King4. Reinventing The Fire5. Time To Kill6. Taken By Force7. War In The Fields..
Brand: Steel Shark Catalog Number: SSR-CD02
French Heavy Metal with riffs, melodies and classy style! Limited edition digipack of 300 copies.TRACK LISTING:1.This Is Metal2. The Wanderer3. Outlaw4. Operation Cit Adel5. Don't Come Alone6. Sailing To Atlantis7. Blood Red Line8. Heartbeat Away9. The Savage From The Mountain10. King Of Shame11. Ep..
Brand: Steel Shark Catalog Number: SSR-CD01
2020 heavy metal from Colombia.For fans from JUDAS PRIEST, MOTORHEAD, ACCEPT, ANNIHILATOR.TRACK LISTING:1. Pull The Trigger2. Stronger Than Death3. Day Of Glory4. Murder Ride5. No Pain No Game6. Fast Killer7. Do It For Money8. Leather Witch..
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