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Iron Oxide

Brand: Iron Oxide Catalog Number: HM008
8 songs, 46 minutes of pure Heavy Metal! First CD pressing limited to 1000 copies, incl. both versions of the new MLP. 4 brand new songs, each in 2 versions: with Japanese and with English lyrics!METALUCIFER started in 1995 as a side project of Gezol, vocalist and bassist of the legendary Japanese B..
Brand: Iron Oxide Catalog Number: HM007
Text by CGCM Rock Radio website.The album has originally been released digitally in 2020, and features Jacqueline Jara on vocals. Most recently the band announced working on new material, with several different vocalists. The band was formed in 2017 as Sentinel, and under that name released demo and..
CREATURES - Creatures CD CREATURES - Creatures CD
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Brand: Iron Oxide Catalog Number: HM006
Release date: October 22nd, 2021.TRACK LISTING:1. Children Of The Moon2. Heart Attack3. Dressed To Die4. Nothing Lasts Forever5. A Knife Into My Heart6. End Of The Line7. Lightning In My Eyes8. Satan's FinestBonus Tracks:9. Dressed To Die (Single Version 2020)10. Lightning In My Eyes (Single Version..
Brand: Iron Oxide Catalog Number: HM005
Iron Oxide Records, Young/NWOTHM band from Spain. Speed Heavy Metal for fans of STALLION, ENFORCER, GRIM REAPER and W.A.S.P. CD anthology incl. debut EP and 2 singles (8 songs), exclusive cover artwork by Roberto Toderico (TYGERS OF PAN TANG).TRACK LISTING:1. Sinner Rider2. Fast Heavy, Loud'N Proud3..
Brand: Iron Oxide Catalog Number: HM003
Iron Oxide Records / Skol Records, Complete anthology of this young Speed Metal/NWOTHM act. The album includes 2 full EPs and 2 singles - 12 songs. New dynamic old school mastering, thick booklet, original artworks.TRACK LISTING:1. Destroy What Destroys You (''Evil Realm'' EP 2019)2. Sentenced To Ki..
Brand: Iron Oxide Catalog Number: HMT002
Text by IRON OXIDE records:Born amidst the Miami underground comes MIDNIGHT SPELL, an unrelenting force of pure heavy metal in its truest form. Founded in 2017, MIDNIGHT SPELL was created to carry the torch of real heavy metal and push the boundaries of the genre to its limits. Featuring varied song..
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