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CULT METAL CLASSICS release plan 2022


Brand: Rafchild Catalog Number: RAF012
The band was founded by Mina & Lap circa 2010 and after many line ups, the band releases the EP "Wield Revenge" in 2016. After many line up changes in between, and with Sara C. on guitars and Albertt on drums, it's in 2020 when their debut album is release, entitled "Gods of Death".TRACK LISTING:1. ..
Brand: Rafchild Catalog Number: RAF011
Debut album featuring 8 tracks of raw heavy metal by veterans of the portuguese metal scene.TRACK LISTING:1. Focs Negres2. Monestirs De Sang De Porc3. Les Nits Grotesques4. Tenebres-Nostro Senyora De Montserrt5. Consagracio De L'infern6. Metal No Mercy7. Flux Malefic8. Turn Your Head Around..
Brand: Rafchild Catalog Number: RCR005
Defying The Righteous Way in a CD Digipak with 12 page booklet.Fifth studio album of Helsinki's deranged pagan sons, bringing more psychotic doom with punk and black metal influences.TRACK LISTING:1. Stars Align Again2. Deranging The Priest3. Witchfinders4. The Great Santur5. The Living Dead6. Ultra..
Brand: Rafchild Catalog Number: RCR00
V as CD in Jewel Case with 6 page booklet, shipped from Europe.Adventure Metal since 2005. Twin guitar leads like an eagle screeching through space, fantasy inspired lyrics from the dustiest old book collection, and the raw power of metal to make you grin with pleasure as you pour beer on your own h..
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