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Temple Of Mystery

Brand: Temple Of Mystery Catalog Number: TEMPLE-029 MLP
Text by Temple Of Mystery Records official website.Release Date: Jan 3, 2022Canada's newest doomsday cult, KONTACT, blast off with 5 tracks of HEAVY METAL FROM BEYOND.As if frozen in the distant past and thawed in the distant future, their debut release “First Contact” fuzes 80s Priest with 90s Voiv..
PAGAN ALTAR - The Story Of Pagan Altar Vinyl LP
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Brand: Temple Of Mystery Catalog Number: TEMPLE-032 LP
The Story of Pagan Altar is that of a once unknown proto-doom band formed in the late ‘70s who are now considered legendary. For the first time, the band’s previously unheard recordings are now available on this comprehensive, historic compilation. Within are rare rehearsals, demos and singles from ..
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Brand: Temple Of Mystery Catalog Number: TEMPLE023CD
CANADIAN HEAVY METAL! POSSESSED STEEL's debut full length "Aedris" takes us across a prophetic journey, which unfolds into a succession of mystical songs taking place in an enchanted world. Musically, this concept album is a well-crafted, refreshing mix of epic heavy metal and Canadian-style progres..
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