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Amor Fati

MAHR - Maelstrom (Coloured Vinyl) LP MAHR - Maelstrom (Coloured Vinyl) LP
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Brand: Amor Fati Catalog Number: AFP160
White/Oxblood With Black Splatter vinyl.Text from youtube channel "Order ov the Black Arts":The cosmic threads begin to pull in on themselves, collapsing order, annihilating consciousness and unleashing chaos. The cryptic expressions of noise, matter, and remnants of tangible void coalesce and destr..
Brand: Amor Fati Catalog Number: AFP169
Co-release of Entropic Recordings with Amor Fati Productions. Released on black vinyl. Limited to 300 copies.TRACK LISTING:A1. SkopunarverkioA2. Tungur Og EiturskyA3. Lofsongur Hinna RotnuB1. DrepB2. Hafio YfirpyrmandiB3. HryllingurinnB4. Paradis..
Brand: Amor Fati Catalog Number: AFP165
- 12" black vinyl in gatefold sleeve- Limited to 300 copies- Photos by Void Revelations- Master by KerberosTRACK LISTING:A1. Hadopelagyal - SchattendraeuenA2. Hadopelagyal - Beshrew Thee - Through Mephitic Babeldom In Aphotic VoragoA3. Hadopelagyal - Perspice Obscurum, Ubi Ima Reges, Lucem Contemnes..
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