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Brand: Legions Catalog Number: LF001
***Written in Greek language***120 pages full with Greek metal! Comes with a full colour cover + ARRAYAN PATH "The Demo Chronicles" CD (limited to 500 copies!)...
Brand: Legions Catalog Number: LR 03
Text by CY-METAL.COM:Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.Arrayan Path (formerly Arryan Path) is the personal project of singer/songwriter Nicholas Leptos which came together in 1997 with Nicholas’ friend, guitarist Clement Fung. Throughout the years Nicholas has had great help from his brother Socra..
Brand: Legions Catalog Number: LR 01
The two historic demos of Greek heavy metal legends Marauder, for the 1st time in one CD. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies!Release date: December 2020.TRACK LISTING:1. World's Funeral2. Try To Live3. Crazy Dream4. Light Of Tomorrow5. For Us The Metal Is Enough6. Stay Up For A Witch7. Fact n' Ficti..
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