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Arkeyn Steel

Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-025
TRACK LISTING:Disc 1: 1. As The Story Is Told 2. Just Me And You 3. Mystery 4. All The Way 5. Another Lost Soul 6. Holy Lightning 7. Rhesus In Dimension 8. The Witches Are Burning 9. So Evil10. Mystery11. Fugitive Will12. Visionary13. Seasons Of Change14. What In Carnation1-4:"Osiris The Fi..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-051
Limited Edition of 500 Handnumbered CDs (ASR CD-051) Release Date: May 28th, 2018In 1989, four high school friends from Orlando, FL came together to form a band, based on their mutual love of melodic metal acts such as Iron Maiden, Queensrÿche & Fates Warning. After years of Friday night practices i..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-050
Limited Edition 500 Handnumbered CDs.High Risk from San Antonio, Texas was formed in 1985 and offer killer US heavy/power metal with high-pitched vocals and powerful guitars attaining also a tight rhythm section. Back at 1987 and 1989 High Risk recorded 2 demos (with 7 songs each) and released only ..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-049
Limited Edition 500 Handnumbered CDs.Originating from St. Clair Shores, Michigan, U.S.A., Letching Grey started out as high school friends back in 1982. Sean Kelly and Derek Lavis had the idea and the name. Through the years, the band saw many member changes. Eventually, a stable guitarist would be ..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-039
TRACK LISTING: 1. Dancing With The Dead 2. Product Of A Sick Mind 3. Red Man's Mask 4. Witches Hill 5. Dancing With The Dead 6. Mark Of The Vampire 7. The Flying Dutchmen 8. The Seduction 9. Circuits On Fiire10. Eve Of The End11. Hail To The Heavy12. Shoot Out The Stars13. Dancing With The ..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-004
Dead Calm from Ottawa, Canada released back in 1991 a limited -in 1000 copies only- LP tape called “No Way Out” including 9 tracks of magnificent Power / Prog Metal in the vein of old Queensryche / Lethal / Hittman / Sacred Warrior. The musical trademarks of Dead Calm are with no doubt the unbelieva..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-043
The perfect cross between lyrical US power metal and intelligent prog metal! For all QUEENSRYCHE, LIZZY BORDEN, LETHAL, HEIR APPARENT, ZAXAS, SYRIS, TALISPHERE fans!Limited Edition to 500 Handnumbered Double CDs.At last! One of the most prominent bands of US Power/Progressive Metal is finally here! ..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-040
TRACK LISTING:1. When I Fall 2. Beyond The Mirrors 3. Lies 4. Shadow Dancer 5. Lifestreet6. In 2000 7. Faces 8. Heroes And Love 9. Mr. Secret 10. Instant Sanity11. Mind Gallery 12. Zero and One 13. Secrets In The Universe 14. Strange Rooms1-10 “Beyond The Mirrors” LP-Tape 199411 “Mind Gallery” Compi..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-017
Limited Edition 1000 Handnumbered CDs Canada, Toronto's true power metal presents first 3-song demo '80 + 6-songdemo (with C. Tsangarides) + 5 live songs from 81-83 first time on CD. Running time about 66' mins! All full digital remaster, lyrics,unpublished pics and bio. For all Anvil, Cirith Ung..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-013
California’s premier power metal legends’ all three demos first time on CD full digital remaster, lyrics, unpublished pics and bio. For all Helstar, Vicious Rumors, Liege Lord fans!Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies, so hurry up! TRACK LISTING: 1. Twist Of Fate 2. Thieves of the Night 3. The C..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-011
Eventually, after a long term period of continuous discussions with the band, Arkeyn Steel Records managed to obtain the rights to release one of the best US power metal bands. Initially, the band’s project was to release this CD private somewhere in the late 2007 but right after Arkeyn Steel’s sugg..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-006
Cult US Metal Demo, for the first time on CD!!! Epic to the bone!!! Limited CD Edition of 1000 copies. TRACK LISTING: 1. Prelude To Sorcery 2. Peak Of Almashia 3. Warming Embers 4. The Dream Catcher 5. Meadows Of Maseilya 6. Dawns 7. Eternal Mist 8. Upon A Dragon's Wings..
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