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Arkeyn Steel

Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-046
Limited Edition 500 Handnumbered CDsRelease Date: July 24th, 2017In 1991, four high school friends in the Chicago suburbs; Steve Stefani, Michael Konopka, Adam Polzin, and Oliver Schmidt, united to form a band and produce a killer metal sound that would violate the ears of every man, woman, and chil..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-016
Limited Edition 1000 Handnumbered CDs Florida's strong technical power metal presents ''Ignorance Of Man'' LP-tapefirst time on CD plus rare 2-song 7'' vinyl EP. Running time about 77'mins! All full digital remaster, lyrics and unpublished pics. Incrediblecover artwork from Uwe Jarling! For all O..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-035
TRACK LISTING:1. The Green2. Someday3. Shock the System4. Paradise and the Nobel Savage5. Innerpeace6. Open Windows (Of Opportunity)7. Victims of Outrage8. The Armada9. Uncertain Future10. The Visionary11. Decade12. In Dreams (We Stand as One)13. Moments in Time14. The Ride15. Consequences16. Floodg..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-018
TRACK LISTING:1. Burn Witch Burn 2. Blitz Krieg 3. Greed & Deception 4. Vampire 5. Easy Sleazy 6. Dreamer 7. Abandoned 8. Heart On Fire 9. Desperate Solutions  ..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-024
TRACK LISTING:1. The Chosen One 2. Who Can You Trust 3. No Cure 4. Destiny 5. Veils Of Darkness 6. Blades 7. Without Evil Within 8. The Awakening Awareness 9. Close To Me 10. Spirits 11. This Bed I Made 12. Land Of Life 13. Let It Go 14. Afraid 15. Sending A Noble 16. Lifetime..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-044
TRACK LISTING:1. Deliverance (Sword Of The Necromancer Demo 1991)2. The Last Necromancer (Sword Of The Necromancer Demo 1991)3. Transition (Sword Of The Necromancer Demo 1991)4. Dreamscape (Sword Of The Necromancer Demo 1991)5. Conflagration (Sword Of The Necromancer Demo 1991)6. Dragon’s Den (Sword..
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Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-034
TRACK LISTING:1. Warhead 2. Sir Megma 3. Dogs Of War 4. No Tomorrow 5. This Is War 6. Grey Slayer 7. The Dark 8. Thousand Years Gone 9. Let Us Prey 10. The Guardian 11. Damaged 12. No Rest 13. Old Man 14. Deathwish 15. The Curse 16. Eye Of The Oracle 17. Final Crime 18. Damaged 19. Cold Rage20. Dogs..
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Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-027
TRACK LISTING: 1. Darkness Within 2. Fight for Your Life 3. Angels in White 4. Defenders of the Skies      5. Prophecy Is a Lie      6. Life Through Anubis' Eyes 7. Rising Power      8. Devil's Firey Dance 9. The Unknown Horizon      10. Revolutionary Suicide..
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Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-007
The second and final album by these great U.S. epic metal masters that is even more haunting and eerie than the first one with lengthier compositions and 2 bonus tracks. Fantastic re-issue limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies. TRACK LISTING: 1. The Returning 2. The transformation 3. Purgatory ..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-012
California’s power metal Kings! Collection-album with all three old demos plus the last never published demo ’99 first time on CD full digital remaster, lyrics, unpublished pics and bio. For all Manilla Road, Metal Church, Oliver Magnum fans! This disc is limited to 1000 hand numbered copies! So,..
Brand: Arkeyn Steel Catalog Number: ASR CD-009
Reignstorm actually start prior to 1988. Not quite sure of the exact year, maybe somewhere around 1985 or 1986. Some guy that works at a local record store knows that Jarrett Lembach is looking for musicians & he introduces him to Robb Peterson and John Barr. They get together & start writing songs ..
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