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INCARNATED - Pleasure Of Consumption CD
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Brand: Selfmadegod Catalog Number: SMG 022
TRACK LISTING: 1. Dying Sounds 2. Blood For Blood 3. Life Organs Transplantation 4. Blood Sign 5. Dead House 6. Human Meat 7. Disturbance Of Consciousness 8. Oscullum Obscenum 9. U.F.O. 10. Ghettoblaster 11. Genetic Deformations (Bonus!) 12. Rotten Visions (Bonus!) 13. Your Mad Mind (Bo..
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Brand: Selfmadegod Catalog Number: SMG 035
The central Poland-based remarkable powerhouse bring forth their follow-up to the 2004's ''Seeds Of Cruelty''. On ''Progress'' the band serves extra 30 minutes of mad, straight-forward metal/grind, distinctive to no other but them. Massive and catchy breakdowns, immense metallic sound, impetuous sho..
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