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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)

Pure Steel

Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PCRCD228
Speed Metal from Italy, 2021 Album.TRACK LISTING:1. Satan's Bride2. Speed Metal Commando3. The Brawl4. The Hell Of Boilin' Metal (Big Trouble In Chinatown)5. Declaration Of War6. Ton Of Bricks7. Evil Bringer8. Idiots' Prophet9. Grandier's Damnation10. B.M.W. (Black Metal Wheels)11. Back On The Hunt1..
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD226
Heavy Metal from Sweden, 2021 Album, with 2 Bonustracks.TRACK LISTING:1. The Pusher2. In Pitch Black Darkness3. Dues To Pay4. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie5. Boogie Of Death6. Losing You7. Going Down8. The Healer9. Lie To Me10. Violator11. Nightmare (Bonustrack)12. Axewitch (Bonustrack)..
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSPCD026
US-Metal, 2021 Album.TRACK LISTING:1. Padurea Neagra2. Voodoo Doll3. Forever Done4. Judgement5. The Chosen One6. Invitation To A Dark Sleep7. Into The Dark8. Cast A Spell9. Atihad10. Crushed By The Stones11. My Dead Life..
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD179
US-Metal, 2019 Album.TRACK LISTING:1. Filming The Tragedy2. Silent Rage3. When Heroes Fall4. Prisoners Of Habit5. Hollow Grave6. Deliverer7. Seventh Sign8. The Shame9. Black Rose10. Silent Rage - Live (Bonustrack)..
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD189
US-Metal, 2021 Album.TRACK LISTING:1. Metal Lands2. 8 Track Days3. Like A Bullet4. Darkness Of The Day5. The Price6. Thorn In My Side7. Run With The Horseman8. Sincerely Violent9. Gold10. One Wish..
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD211
US-Metal, 2020 Rerelease, Compilation, Remastered.TRACK LISTING:1. Calling The Messiah2. Metal Messiah3. Unholy Realm4. Blood On The Moon5. Pedal To The Metal6. Remember Me?7. Suicide8. Lovefire9. Jealousy10. Powermad11. Out Of The Storm12. Leave It All Behind13. Capture The Universe14. Are You Read..
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD212
Heavy Metal from Sweden, 2020 Album.TRACK LISTING:1. One Of Us2. At The Mountain Of Madness (2020 version)3. Here I Am4. Crystal Tears (2020 Version)5. The Man Of The Crowd6. Room 1017. The Reckoning8. The Young Man..
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD210
Heavy Metal from The Netherlands, 2020 Album.TRACK LISTING:1. Road To Victory2. Legend3. Pendragon4. Thousand Faces5. My Beautiful Daughters6. Crossing The Rubicon7. Primal Power8. The One To Blame..
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD208
German Prog/Power Metal, 2020 Album.TRACK LISTING:1. We Follow The Signs2. Fire And Ice3. The Shadow4. Man Of The Storm5. Hypnotize6. One Moment Of Fortune7. Forever Young8. Mind Chaos9. The New Prophecy..
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD207
Italian Heavy Metal, 2020 Album.TRACK LISTING:1. Fighting Man2. Revolution3. Firewind4. We Are Coming5. Blessed By Fire6. Broken Arrow7. Another World8. Frankenstein9. Till The End..
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD206
US Prog/Power Metal, 2020 Rerelease.TRACK LISTING:1. Freedom2. Fear Of The Night3. Alien World4. The Sight5. Vicious Circle6. Subterranean Man7. Somewhere8. Dark Sorrow9. Crystallized..
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD205
Melodic Metal from Finland.TRACK LISTING:1. Sinners In Shadows2. War Torn3. Self-Proclaimed King4. Ripple The Water5. I Found Angels6. Constellation7. Caught In The Crossfire8. Dark Side Of The Moon9. In My Blood10. Raise The Flag..
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