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Pure Steel

Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD206
US Prog/Power Metal, 2020 Rerelease.TRACK LISTING:1. Freedom2. Fear Of The Night3. Alien World4. The Sight5. Vicious Circle6. Subterranean Man7. Somewhere8. Dark Sorrow9. Crystallized..
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD205
Melodic Metal from Finland.TRACK LISTING:1. Sinners In Shadows2. War Torn3. Self-Proclaimed King4. Ripple The Water5. I Found Angels6. Constellation7. Caught In The Crossfire8. Dark Side Of The Moon9. In My Blood10. Raise The Flag..
THE PROWLERS - Re-Evolution CD
-60 %
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD 028
Third album by this Italian progressive metal band. Some classic heavy metal influences are succesfully added in their music too! Contains 13 songs! TRACK LISTING: 1. Parting Words 2. Red Smoke 3. The Real Me 4. Firefly 5. Wonderful Creatures 6. Do You Feel The Same 7. Insomnia 8. Your Co..
3.99€ 9.99€
ARCTIC FLAME - Declaration CD
-50 %
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD019
TRACK LISTING: 1. The Unknown God 2. Blind Leads The Blind 3. Lords Of The Wasteland 4. Hammer Down 5. Disciples Of The Flame 6. Desert Moon 7. Declaration 8. Shadow Of A Broken Man  ..
4.99€ 9.99€
ANGBAND - Rising From Apadana CD
-50 %
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD 016
Power/Prog Metal, Mix of old Iced Earth and Depressive Age!! TRACK LISTING: 1. Incarnation Of Truth 2. Lighter Days 3. The Eyes 4. Flaming Sight 5. Before The End Of Time 6. Look Into The Abyss 7. The King's Command 8. The Recordings Of Rising From Apadana (bonus video)  ..
4.99€ 9.99€
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD 023
Debut CD by this brutal and medieval 80s influenced heavy metal band from CANADA!! 11 tracks of neverending metal rage!! TRACK LISTING: 1. Red Dawn 2. Iron Sword 3. Black Knight 4. Jotunheim 5. Berserker 6. Viking Warrior 7. Vortigern 8. Ride of Sleipnir 9. Blessed By The Mace 10. Valkyri..
HJALLARHORN - Iron Clad Soldiers CD
-50 %
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: 784-1682
HJALLARHORN were formed back in 1993 and after three demos, the time has come for their first effort! In various parts they have some speed metal touches but in general their sound is based on influences from the glorious classic 80s heavy metal! You should check them out! TRACK LISTING: 1. Batt..
4.99€ 9.99€
AGAMENDON - Nuclear Rodeo CD
-50 %
Brand: Pure Steel Catalog Number: PSRCD012
Melodic Death Metal TRACK LISTING: 1. Prologue 2. Nuclear 4711 3. Fallout 4. Underwater 5. Downwards 6. Deadline 7. Invading 8. The Army Of Ozzmoroth 9. Erasing Flesh Forever 10. Eradiction Rodeo 11. Connecting Planets  ..
4.99€ 9.99€
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