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Shadow Kingdom

Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR176CD
Text by SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS website:It was but the summer of 2017 when TEMPLE OF VOID unleashed upon the world their second album, Lords of Death, through SHADOW KINGDOM. Presciently titled, Lords of Death catapulted the Detroit quintet onto the radars of everyone in the underground and above - n..
Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR145CD
Hailing from Portland, Oregon, TROLL released their first demo in 2015. Not long after came Troll, their debut album, which was originally self-released on cassette tape. Its original edition sold out quickly, and soon came to the attention of SHADOW KINGDOM. Duly impressed, the label simply had to ..
Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR140DCD
For fans of early MANILLA ROAD!At long last, SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS is extremely proud to present the ultimate reissue of one of the cultest '80s metal records: ANGEL OF MERCY's lone album, The Avatar. Prized by many collectors as one of American metal's Holy Grails, the rarest of the rare, The Avat..
Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR138MCD
Following hot on the heels of their debut EP, Iron Speed - which SHADOW KINGDOM released on cassette to widespread critical acclaim earlier in 2017 - now SPEEDCLAW strike while the iron's white hot with Beast in the Mist! Taking all the electricity and excitement of that debut short-length, this new..
DEATH SS - ...In Death Of Steve Sylvester CD
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Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR120CD
TRACK LISTING:1. Vampire2. Death3. Black Mummy4. Zombie5. Werewolf6. Terror7. I Love The Dead8. The Hanged Ballad9. Murder Angels10. Come to The Sabbat11. In Ancient Days..
DEATH SS - Heavy Demons CD
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Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR122CD
TRACK LISTING:1.Walpurgisnacht2. Where Have You Gone?3. Heavy Demons4. Family Vault5. Lilith6. Peace Of Mind7. Way To Power8. Baphomet9. Inquisitor10. Templar's Revenge11. All Souls' Day12. Sorcerous Valley (Back To The Real)..
DEATH SS - Black Mass CD
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Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR121CD
Digipak with booklet, gold disc. Track 9 is not originally present on first release, is a bonus track taken from The Cursed Singles and later Horror Music - The Best Of Death SS or several Black Mass reissue/repress.TRACK LISTING:1. Kings of Evil 2. Horrible Eyes 3. Cursed Mama 4. Buried Alive 5. We..
HOUR OF 13 - Salt The Dead CD
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Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR125DCD
TRACK LISTING:Demos 20071.Call To Satan2. Submissive To Evil3. The Correlation4. Endurement To The Heirs Of Shame5. Grim Reality6. Hex Of Harm7. Allowance Of Sin8. Missing GirlAlternate and Unreleased9. Call To Satan (Chad Davis, Vocals)10. The Rites Of Samhain (Chad Davis, Vocals)11. Upon Black Win..
CONDENADOS -The Tree Of Death CD
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Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR123CD
TRACK LISTING:1. Star Of Punishment2. The Lamb3. Burn4. Demon's Head5. Sea of Fire6. Marchosias Oath..
TOMBSTALKER - Black Crusades CD
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Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR108CD
TRACK LISTING: 1. Forlorn Recollections 2. Chaos Undivided 3. Blood Thirtser 4. Fate Weaver 5. Black Crusades 6. Soul Eater 7. Plague Father 8. Chaos Enthroned..
Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR103CD
TRACK LISTING:1. Intro 2. White Rose 3. Through The Black 4. Dark Waves 5. Oct 14th 6. Firewalker Theme 7. Angel Heart 8. My Machine 9. Fire In The Night 10. Take On The Grave..
NIGROMANTE - Black Magic Night CD
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Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR081CD
TRACK LISTING: 1. Heavy Metal Age 2. Black Magic Night 3. In Nomine Pater 4. Saturnalia Of Blood 5. False Idol 6. Syndicate Of Crime 7. Soy Un Macarra 8. Satan Death Squad 9. Summoning Spell..
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