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Shadow Kingdom

SINISTER REALM - Sinister Realm CD
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Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR026CD
Early 80’s styled Heavy / Doom Metal was formed by John Gaffney after his departure from PALE DIVINE. After leaving PALE DIVINE he asked Darin McCloskey to play drums. This new band is from the USA taking influences from the early 80’s Heavy Metal scene that consisted of a variety of bands like JUDA..
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OLD YRON - Old Yron CD
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Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR016CD
The Italian 80’s metal scene is one of my favorites of all time. Bands like BLACK HOLE, DARK QUARTERER, DEATH SS, PAUL CHAIN, BULLDOZER, RUN AFTER TO, NECRODEATH, BERSERKS are some of the better bands from that era. I’d like to think that OLD YRON towards the end of the 80’s was an unknown forgotten..
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GARDEN OF WORM - Garden Of Worm CD
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Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR033CD
Finally the time has come for Garden Of Worm to release a full length album. For quite some time now they've been slowly putting out demos and Eps since 2004 to experiment and carve out their own unique brand of Heavy / Progressive Doom Metal. I'd say they've definitely found their own dramatic soun..
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CROWNED IN EARTH - Visions Of The Haunted CD
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Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR036CD
Crowned in Earth was formed by Kevin Lawry in 2008. After forming his own Death / Doom band, Silent Winter, Kevin decided to venture more into the traditional side of Doom and Epic Doom Metal, drawing his main influences from Reverend Bizarre, Cathedral, and Black Sabbath. After a self-released EP (..
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COVEN - Worship New Gods CD
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Brand: Shadow Kingdom Catalog Number: SKR055CD
One of the most strange sounding U.S. heavy/doom metal albums we have ever listened to. Some rate this in the same league with bands such as WASTED (Denmark), HELL (UK), GRAN MAX (USA) etc. Cuts like ''Riddle of Steel'', ''Ruler'', Burial ground'' etc. remind us of a music metal rite draped by a tot..
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