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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)


Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL288
Highly anticipated sophomore album by the Swedish inter-dimensional sympho-power metal combo - now expanded to a full sextet line-up. 5-years in the making, this album is a full step forward from the debut, taking it to completely new dimension - intricate melodies, tasteful shredding, bombastic arr..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL287
Brand new 5th album by the wild Cimmerian Horde, delivering a Sword & Sorcery laden epic metal, heavily inspired by Robert E. Howard and anything epic and barbarian.Contains Stygia EP as bonus.CDs in Jewel case with 8-page booklet with lyrics and info. Limited to 300 copies worldwide.Release dat..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DY280
BRICK MISTRESS "Anthology 2CD" - pretty much everything the band have recorded between 1988 and 1993, including a special 2018 bonus track. Thick glossy booklet with exclusive coverart by Yannick Bouchard, band story, info, and archive photos. A must for every 80s classic metal fan!TRACK LISTING:CD1..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL278
Behold the debut offering from the Swedish power/speed metal merchants KRILLOAN "Stories Of Times Forgotten" on limited CD pressing.If you like bands like Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Last Horizon, Warrior Path, and if razor-sharp riffing, epic choruses, and soaring vocals are your thing, be prepared ..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL286
NWOTHM, an international collaboration, spanning members on 4 continents, worshiping on the altar of 80’s US Power Metal. For fans of early METAL CHURCH, VICIOUS RUMORS, LIZZY BORDEN, LEATHERWOLF, DOKKEN, and so on.TRACK LISTING:1. Arrow One2. Jeopardy3. Texas Is Coming For You4. From Inside5. The R..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL285
The third full length Grimgotts album, and in our opinion, the most ambitious to date. What started as Harry Potter parody band, has now blossomed into impressive fantasy power metal force to be recon with. Darkness creeps over the island of Boobia. Join the brave captain Gannon in his quest to the ..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL279
Triumphant US epic heavy/power from Akron, Ohio paying homage to the glorious medieval times, King Arthur, and tales of pagan folklore.Recommended for fans of Skyclad, Dark Forest, Darkest Era, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, Falconer.TRACK LISTING:1. Into The Sky2. Wrathful Eyes3. High King4. Heart Of A..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL283
New album by the premier female fronted epic power metal combo. Dark and epic, this album is paying homage to late Mark “The Shark” Shelton from Manilla Road, Virgin Steele, and true epic metal in general.CD in jewel case, 12-page booklet with UV-coated glossy cover, limited to 500 copies.TRACK LIST..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL282
Monstrous debut EP by the classic US 80s true metal power acolytes, worshiping at the altar of MANILLA ROAD, WARLORD, OMEN, MEDIEVAL STEEL, and MERCYFUL FATE just to name a few. Must hear for everyone into NWOTHM and true classic 80s metal in general!Limited to 500 copies.TRACK LISTING:1. Tyrant's R..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-BA276
Pilot release from our new collector's series aptly titled BEYOND THE ARCANE, dedicated as you can guess to unearthing and giving a second chance to obscure and forgotten demos and albums from the deepest bowels of the 80's underground scene.There couldn't have been a better choice to start the seri..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL-281
Brand new album by the international pirate horde, led by Captain Ced, returning for a first time with a full line-up. From the opening intro through the big epic finale, this is the explosive answer to "Pile of Skulls." Crack a cold one and join the raid!TRACK LISTING:1. Damnation (Intro)2. Endless..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL277
Crazy good total 80s worship with sleazy vocals and amazingly stellar razor-sharp guitar work. Fans of NWOTHM, DOKKEN, and SABIRE should take note.Limited to 500 copies.TRACK LISTING:1. Witch Spells2. Hated3. Keep On Tonight4. Take Away Your Demons5. Blade's Edge6. Un Nuevo Ser..
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