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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)


Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL284
The new chapter in the saga of the ANCIENT EMPIRE is a departure from the usual sci-fi themed content. Instead, it is an epic adventure inspired by Robert E Howard's Conan chronicles. Crack a cold one and join the world's most famous barbarian on his quest for battles, wenches, and eternal glory! Wi..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL289USED
*** Printed parts in perfect condition. The CD disc plays without problems. The CD label is not printed in one spot (around 5 cm).***New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal from Canada, delivering unabashed, faithful, devoted worship at the altar of classic IRON MAIDEN (7th Son circa). There's nothing m..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL270
Sci-Fi traditional heavy metal from Sweden firmly rooted in the retro 80s vibe. For fans of HÄLLAS and ANGEL WITCH.Relase date: March 5th 2021, Limited to 500 CDs.TRACK LISTING:1. Pilgrims Of The Stars2. Interstellar3. Colony4. A New World5. Not Built By Human Hands6. Structures7. Towards The Unknow..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL271
An epic haunting power metal journey roaming through SAVATAGE, QUEENSRYCHE, and SYMPHONY X realms.Release date: March 5th, 2021.TRACK LISTING:1. Geisterton2. Embrace The Haunt3. Dark For Life4. Sinful Girl5. Pain6. 5267. Not For Me8. Wicked Game..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL273
Arcane US power metal band from Vancouver Washington that was founded in 1985 and active through the 80’s but never released anything officially. 17 years later they got back together and finally recorded their long-awaited album. The best 80s classic power metal you've never heard. For fans of META..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL266
French heavy metal masters LAST PROPHECY, paying homage at the altar of the mighty IRON MAIDEN. Expanded to a 2CD Set with Demo '93 and two exclusive previously unreleased live tracks, along with 12-page booklet with band story, info, lyrics, and archive photos. Limited to 500.TRACK LISTING:CD1:1. R..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL265
Text by STORMSPELL bandcamp:"The Fire Never Dies" is the debut album by by Oregon's finest SYLENT STORM. Melodic heavy metal made in USA, firmly rooted in the 80s traditions. Recommended for fans of Lizzy Borden, Leatherwolf, Fifth Angel, early Dokken, and so on.Soaring vocals, crunchy riffs, and ha..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL267
Text by STORMSPELL bandcamp:This is the Definitive edition of the 2nd ROCKA ROLLAS' album "Metal Strikes Back" - finally made to sound as Cederick has envisioned it back in the day, but unable to fulfill the vision due to lack of proper equipment and recording experience.Originally recorded in 2012 ..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL268
Text by STORMSPELL bandcamp:BLAZON STONE - Return to Port Royal - the album that started it all back in 2013 and is regarded as one, if not, THE best Blazon Stone album to this day, is getting the ultimate revamp with Cederick completely re-recording the instrumental parts and Erik fixing some vocal..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL255
Sophomore album by the Swedish pirate horde. Classic Running Wild worship meets Grave Digger.TRACK LISTING:1. Hymn Of The Privateer2. Bloodstained Gold3. The Flying Dutchman4. Soulreaver5. Raging Fate6. Alone In The Dark7. The Wrath Of Agir And Ran8. A Crown Of Thorns9. Marooned10. Lies Of The Wicke..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL264
Dragonrider hails from United Kingdom and delivers speedy power metal in the best traditions of Primal Fear, Stormwarrior, Iron Savior, early Iced Earth just to name a few. This album also marks the return at the helm of Michalis Rinakakis, previously of Air Raid fame.TRACK LISTING:1. Melody Of Ligh..
Brand: Stormspell Catalog Number: SSR-DL258
Re-release of one of the Pennsylvania's best kept secrets. Finest US Power metal with sharp razor riffing and soaring vocals, the trademarks that made classic 80's USPM a force to recon with!This is a re-release of their one and only debut EP, originally self-released in 2009 to 100 pro-printed unit..
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