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Violent Music

Brand: Violent Music Catalog Number: UME 003USED
!ATTENTION! !ATTENTION! !ATTENTION!The disc is checked and plays fine but the paper parts and/or the disc may have scratches, bent edges etc.Please contact us at if you need more info about the condition of the item...
Brand: Violent Music Catalog Number: UME 003
Speed/Thrash metal holocaust by DOMINUS PRAELII, THE FORCE, URSUS & STRIKE MASTER! Contains total 12 songs! TRACK LISTING: 1. Dominus Praelii - Heathen's mistakes 2. Dominus Praelii - Brave Nahuel's 3. Dominus Praelii - Againts the crown 4. The Force - Agressive Assault 5. The Force - Overlo..
SATANIC LEGIONS - A Tribute To Vulcano CD
-50 %
Brand: Violent Music Catalog Number: VRS 005
TRACK LISTING: 1. Chemical Disaster - Witche's Sabbath 2. Orgy Of Flies - Spirits Of Evil 3. Infector - From The Black Metal Book 4. Maleficarum - Guerreriros De Sata 5. Hierarchical Punishment - Incubus 6. Morfolk - Fall Of The Corpse 7. Predatory - Welcome To The Army 8. Abomydogs - Devote..
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