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CULT METAL CLASSICS release plan 2022


Brand: Prosthetic Catalog Number: 10110-2
TRACK LISTING:1. Burns Like A Paper Rose 2. Deathless 3. Sin After Sin 4. Old Dirty Paranoia 5. Secret Handshakes 6. Shiver In The Heat 7. We Speak In Tongues 8. Gone To Dust 9. My Enemy 10. To Whore With Foreign Gods..
TESTAMENT - Live At Eidhoven '87 CD
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Brand: Prosthetic Catalog Number: PLCD53263
Excellent live thrash metal album of the mighty TESTAMENT with songs from the first period of the band, dating back in 1987! TRACK LISTING: 1. Disciples of the Watch 2. The Haunting 3. The Apocalyptic City 4. First Strike is Deadly 5. Burnt Offerings 6. Alex Skolnick Solo 7. Over the Wall ..
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