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Eyes Like Snow

RITUALS OF THE OAK - Come Taste The Doom CD
-33 %
Brand: Eyes Like Snow Catalog Number: EYE 024
TRACK LISTING: 1. Here 2. The Horla 3. On The Sixth Moon 4. Serpentine Tongues 5. All Wells Are Poisoned..
9.99€ 14.99€
HOUR OF 13 - The Ritualist CD
-30 %
Brand: Eyes Like Snow Catalog Number: EYE 013
Formed in early 2006 by Chad Davis (ex-Demoncy,Father Befouled, Profane Grace) Hour Of 13 set outon a path of obscure and dark Heavy/Doom Metal. Joined by Phil Swanson (Vestal Claret, Upwards OfEndtime, Seamount) in 2007, the debut album wasrecorded and unleashed to great acclaim. Mixing eleme..
6.99€ 9.99€
Brand: Eyes Like Snow Catalog Number: NSP-EYE 002
Finish Doom Metal TRACK LISTING: 1. Inquisition Arrives 2. Urk the Conqueror 3. Black Figure Follows the Burial Company 4. Wolfslayer 5. The Wandering Midget 6. I Am the Gate 7. Wasteland Shrine  ..
-40 %
Brand: Eyes Like Snow Catalog Number: EYE 012
In life there is death. In happiness, in hope, and in love there is also tragedy. There is hopelessness, despair, and grief. There is Apostle of Solitude. True American Doom Metal in its most raw, unfiltered, sincere form. Apostle of Solitude rose from the ashes of The Keep in the autumn of 2004, re..
5.99€ 9.99€
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