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VOLTAX - Fugitive State Of Mind CD
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Brand: Blower Catalog Number: BR 015-10
Perhaps since the days of LUZBEL and MEGATON there has been no a real 80's Heavy Metal band in Mιxico, playing the classic style, until now... VOLTAX is a notable example of a young band recrearting the 80's metal sound revisiting aspects of the NWOBHM, the USA's Metal and the European side. But abo..
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GUMO MANIACS - Psychomania CD
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Brand: Blower Catalog Number: BR 020-10
The second album of this great German thrash metal act. One of the most highly acclaimed thrash acts in the last 5 years. Check them out! The CD also contains an enhanced video section with 4 tracks. TRACK LISTING: 1. Circles In Darkness 2. Into The Fire 3. Infiltration 4. Psychomania ..
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STRIKE MASTER - Re Thrashing The Old Skull CD
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Brand: Blower Catalog Number: 022-11
Excellent compilation of some of the best songs of this great Mexican thrash band, with music taken from band's EPs and demos. TRACK LISTING: 1. Inflexible Steel 2. Prophetic Chemical Death 3. Messiah of the Damned 4. O.M.D. 5. Mother Hyenna 6. Thrashing the Blind School 7. Ritual Killings..
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