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Killer Metal

Brand: Killer Metal Catalog Number: KMR-CD037
It took more than ten years to see EXILED back with a new album. EXILED play typical US Metal, as it was style-defining for the genre and receive a high recall value by the voice of John Cason shooting out of the masses of faceless bands. The album offers elements of traditional heavy metal to progr..
Brand: Killer Metal Catalog Number: KMR-CD038
The band self-released their debut full length album "Fall Before The Dawn" in April 2016 by it’s own, mixed by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studios. The album is a collection of twelve tracks showcasing FARSEER 's best songs to date, mixing speed laden riffs, epic sturctures, soaring vocals and catc..
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Brand: Killer Metal Catalog Number: KMR-CD035
With „Strike of the axe“ the albums breaks loose and quickly it becomes clear: this beast casts it’s spell on you! Until song four „Full metal jacket“ the Canadians do not give us a pause for breath, the good songs are lined up like stars in the sky! We are roused by „Out of time“before the epic tit..
SHALLOW GROUND - Embrace The Fury CD
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Brand: Killer Metal Catalog Number: KMR-CD030
Noticeable many young Thrash bands emulating old heroes like VENOM or HELLHAMMER. This sounds very often like musicians in a junk room with bad guitar soli and poor vocals. The newcomers often forget that in the early 80ies of the last millennium the style was initially discovered or the bands were ..
THUNDERHEART - Night Of The Warriors CD
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Brand: Killer Metal Catalog Number: KMR-CD029
THUNDERHEART kick things into high gear with their debut album! The songs sound as they would have been born in the mid 80's at a time when SCORPIONS, TWISTED SISTER and ACCEPT ruled the world! The band don't hide the fact they are inspired by this type of music, ignoring all common trends in metal ..
MAXXXWELL CARLISLE - Visions Of Speed And Thunder CD
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Brand: Killer Metal Catalog Number: KMR-CD027
MAXXXWELL CARLISLE - Maxxxwell Carlisle is an outstanding guitarist, who could have fit right in during the mid-eighties, at a time when legendary "guitar heroes“ such as Yngwie Malmsteen, David Chastain, Tony Macalpine or Vinnie Moore just to name a few started out. All of them had their home in tr..
COLOSSUS - Drunk On Blood... And The Sepulcher Of The Mirror Warlocks CD
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Brand: Killer Metal Catalog Number: KMR-CD026
Summarized both EPs of the band with new artwork and layout for a worldwide release. The album reflects the typical unique sound of the band you find on every single release! Roots somwhere deep in the NWOBHM, borrowings from IRON MAIDEN, they may bring to mind SLOUGH FEG as well. At the end of the ..
SWITCHBLADE - Heavy Weapons CD
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Brand: Killer Metal Catalog Number: KMR-CD022
SWITCHBLADE are resurrecting the mighty 80'es era of metal while often reminding IRON MAIDEN with Bruce Dickinson at the helm, huge, powerful sawing riffs a'la ACCEPT and spreading catchy choruses. All are the cornerstones of a brilliant album. With murderous riffery the four musicians forged an alb..
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Brand: Killer Metal Catalog Number: KMR-CD013
TRACK LISTING: 1. Predatory Violence 2. Marked For Death 3. Mercy Shot 4. Pillage And Plunder 5. Puppet On A String 6. Parental Love 7. All This Hate In Me 8. Always On The Prowl 9. Kickin’ Ass 10. Devotion..
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SHALLOW GROUND - The End Of Everything CD
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Brand: Killer Metal Catalog Number: KMR-CD016
TRACK LISTING: 1. Shallow Ground 2. Death And Destruction 3. The Black Rose 4. End Of Everything 5. Whence They Came 6. Before The Dawn 7. Rebirth 8. Prostitution 9. Cleansing Of The Hollow 10. Darkness..
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UNITY - Reborn CD
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Brand: Killer Metal Catalog Number: KMR-CD010
TRACK LISTING: 1. Prelude To Rebirth 2. The Curse Of The Nile 3. The Mirror Never Lies 4. Condemned 5. A New Horizon 6. Welcome To The Masquerade 7. Man Of The Sea 8. Yesterday Is Gone 9. Afterlife 10. Arise..
TESTOR - Animal Killstinct CD
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Brand: Killer Metal Catalog Number: KMR-CD006
TRACK LISTING: 1. Intro      2. Heroes To The Gallows        3. Animal Killstinct      4. Rise Of The Cobra      5. This Brock          6. Psychotic High Speed Ensemble   7. Howling      8. Stagnation Sludge      9. Total Annihilation        10. Outro  ..
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