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ASIA, WHITEWING and SOLOMON KANE Box Set and Vinyl Preorder - Friday, October 1st

No Remorse

Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430522090
In the vein of 80s French heavy metal bands like SORTILEGE and JINX, HIGHLAND QUEEN combine all the elements that forge underground favorites. "Highland Queen" is limited to 500 copies, comes with 12 pages booklet and includes 10 songs: the 1985 EP, "Call Of The Hell" 7" single (1983) and 3 demo bon..
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: NRR041
TRACK LISTING: 1. Chameleon 2. Evolution Of Being 3. M.K. Ultra (Mind Kontrol) 4. Lunacy Bonus Tracks (Live In The Studio 2013) 5. Traveler 6. Bleed For The Godz 7. The Day At Guyana 8. Still Searchin'..
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0799471857922
PAINFUL PRIDE was formed in 1983 in the underground metal scene of Sweden. Until 1987 where they band split up, they recorded few tunes that were never released, and from that moment and on, they got together occasionally just for some gigs (1988, 1999) since there was a fan-base from those who new ..
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430521888
The French heavy metal band PSYCHOSE was formed in the early 80s. Known for their massive live performances, they released their debut album “Ta Destruction” in 1991 and it is considered as one of the rarest and most wanted French metal albums in CD format. Now, this album is reissued again on CD wi..
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430522083
SILVER WIND is a Heavy / Power Metal band from Grenoble (France) that was founded in 2005. In 2013 the band released their first EP entitled ''Fight for Glory'', mainly influenced by the Swedish Metal scene and bands like HAMMERFALL, RAM and ENFORCER. Afterwards SILVER WIND moved on to a much more T..
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: NRR13234
Special 30th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set Edition of "Blaze Of Glory".Box set is hand numbered to 100 copies and includes the CD edition (remastered by Bart Gabriel, including 5 bonus tracks, thick booklet with a lot of previously unseen photos, lyrics, new liner notes), exclusive t-shirt and guitar p..
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430521925
"Take Me To The Gallows" is the debut album from the traditional metal / doom metal band from Chicago USA, PROFESSOR EMERITUS. PROFESSOR EMERITUS consists of well-known metal musicians of the Chicago underground metal scene, past and present members of bands like SATAN'S HALLOW, MOROS NYX and TIGER ..
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430521932
US Power Metal, highly recommended for fans of bands like Metal Church and Helstar. "Metal Machine" is produced & engineered by Dan Luna, Bill Metoyer and Resistance, mixed by Neil Kernon, and mastered by Alan Douches.TRACK LISTING:1. The Metal Machine2. Hail To The Horns3. Rise And Defend4. Some Ga..
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: NRR021
Limited Edition 500 copies! TRACK LISTING: 1. Hopeless Proud 2. A Requiem For The World 3. Ghetto Child 4. You Don't Care No More 5. The Wonder 6. The Valley Of Witchcraft 7. Killerrabbit 8. The Damned Lake..
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430521758
Originally released in 1988 on vinyl, This is the first official CD release including 6 bonus tracks.French Hard Rock / Heavy Metal at its best! Limited to 500 copies.TRACK LISTING:1. Hitchhike2. Pirates Of Love3. On Stage4. Tequila5. Down By The Hammer6. Nuclear Love7. Steel Wheels (Demo) (Bonus Tr..
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430521864
"Finding Solace" is the debut album of the Greek Power Metal band PALADINE. The album was recorded at Devasoundz Studios in Athens, Greece and was produced, mixed and mastered by Thimios Krikos (INNERWISH, DIVINER).Recommended for fans of IRON SAVIOUR, PARAGON, INNER WISH and BLIND GUARDIAN.TRACK LI..
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430521666
"Sortilege - the best French Metal had to offer. Timeless classics!" (Michael Kohsiek, DEAF FOREVER magazine)New reissue including the original French version of "Metamorphose" album on first vinyl, and the unreleased first mix of "Metamorphose" album on second vinyl.Limited edition of 100 copies on..
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