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RESISTANCE - Metal Machine CD
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430521932
US Power Metal, highly recommended for fans of bands like Metal Church and Helstar. "Metal Machine" is produced & engineered by Dan Luna, Bill Metoyer and Resistance, mixed by Neil Kernon, and mastered by Alan Douches.TRACK LISTING:1. The Metal Machine2. Hail To The Horns3. Rise And Defend4. Some Ga..
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430521758
Originally released in 1988 on vinyl, This is the first official CD release including 6 bonus tracks.French Hard Rock / Heavy Metal at its best! Limited to 500 copies.TRACK LISTING:1. Hitchhike2. Pirates Of Love3. On Stage4. Tequila5. Down By The Hammer6. Nuclear Love7. Steel Wheels (Demo) (Bonus Tr..
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430521574
TRACK LISTING:1. I Am The Hammer2. The Armor Of Ire3. The Last King Of Pictdom4. Blood Ice5. The Cold Sword6. Invoker7. Sing A Last Song Of Valdese8. Shade Gate..
SORTILEGE - Metamorphose Red Vinyl LP
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430521666
"Sortilege - the best French Metal had to offer. Timeless classics!" (Michael Kohsiek, DEAF FOREVER magazine)New reissue including the original French version of "Metamorphose" album on first vinyl, and the unreleased first mix of "Metamorphose" album on second vinyl.Limited edition of 100 copies on..
MARIENTHAL - Prohibition CD
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430521550
One of the rarest cult 80s Heavy Metal albums from France, available for first time on CD format with bonus tracks.TRACK LISTING:1. On The Road Again2. Open Your Legs3. Dickies Riot4. You've Never Learn5. Stranger6. By My Side7. Fuckin Car Waltz8. Gil's BarBonus Tracks:9. Danger10. Marienthal11. Cab..
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430521697
ASCALON, the Heavy Metal vigilantes from UK present their first CD release under the title "Reflections". Influenced by legends like Judas Priest, Saxon and Angel Witch, and having already shared the stage with bands like Tytan, Diamond Head, Venom Inc, Slough Feg, Fist and Satan, they are considere..
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430521635
Eddy Malm gained success with Swedish metal pioneers HEAVY LOAD in the early 80s. In 1998, guitarist Per Hesselrud approached Eddy with the aim of making a comeback album, just because he admired Eddy’s voice and his heartfelt lyrics. Many evenings were spent talking through life in general, music a..
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AXE CRAZY - Ride On The Night CD
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430521840
AXE CRAZY was formed in 2010 in Poland. Named after the classic song of NWoBHM legends, JAGUAR, AXE CRAZY deliver traditional heavy metal influenced by bands like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, DIO.In 2014 the band released its debut EP "Angry Machines" on CD format. Two years later, the EP was released..
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: 0744430521376
“The Lab” was originally private released as a 12” vinyl EP back in 1986. AXTON PRYTE was a French Heavy Metal much different from the other ones that ruled the French metal scene of the 80s. AXTON PRYTE were more alike with the Heavy and Power metal bands from the United States, and that made them ..
LORD VIGO - Under Carpathian Sun CD
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: NRR084
TRACK LISTING:1. Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf2. Babylon The Great3. Ishtar - Queen Of The Night4. The Arrival5. Terror Witchcraft6. The Sirens7. In Pago Aquilensis (Odium)..
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AXIS - No Man's Land CD
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: NRR078
Originally released in 1988 on cassette only format, "No Man's Land" is one of the best hidden melodic US metal releases of that era.Released for first time on CD format, limited to 1000 copies with 16 pages booklet including lyrics, photos and detailed liner notes by the band.Highly recommended for..
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: NRR052
One of the best Power Metal bands of our time. 9 out of 10 (Metalized magazine) 8 out of 10 (Metal Hammer magazine)   Track Listing: 01. From Ashes Reborn 02. Lords Of Deceit 03. The Order 04. Angels At War 05. Legion Lost 06. Vicious Dominion 07. Aeons  08. Grim Steeds 09...
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