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Remembering Ed Horgan (September 2, 1963 - January 4, 2022)

No Remorse

LORD VIGO - Under Carpathian Sun CD
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: NRR084
TRACK LISTING:1. Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf2. Babylon The Great3. Ishtar - Queen Of The Night4. The Arrival5. Terror Witchcraft6. The Sirens7. In Pago Aquilensis (Odium)..
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: NRR088
TRACK LISTING:1. Sweeties2. David's Song3. Breaker4. One In A Crowd5. Local Heroes6. Another Day7. Crazy8. Tearing Me Apart9. High SpeedBonus tracks:10. The Mark Of The Beast (All Riot Now 7" Single)11. All Riot Now (All Riot Now 7" Single)12. Sweeties (Sweeties 7" Single)13. You're On Your Own (See..
AXIS - No Man's Land CD
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: NRR078
Originally released in 1988 on cassette only format, "No Man's Land" is one of the best hidden melodic US metal releases of that era.Released for first time on CD format, limited to 1000 copies with 16 pages booklet including lyrics, photos and detailed liner notes by the band.Highly recommended for..
CRYPT - Stick To Your Guts CD
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: NRR058
CRYPT is one of those few great 80s underground Power Thrash Metal bands that has a cult following having released only one vinyl record. Remastered, with 16-pages booklet, “Stick To Your Guts” includes 6 bonus live tracks.   TRACKLIST 1. Metallust Fever 2. Castaways 3. Wings..
10.99€ 12.99€
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: NRR052
One of the best Power Metal bands of our time. 9 out of 10 (Metalized magazine) 8 out of 10 (Metal Hammer magazine)   Track Listing: 01. From Ashes Reborn 02. Lords Of Deceit 03. The Order 04. Angels At War 05. Legion Lost 06. Vicious Dominion 07. Aeons  08. Grim Steeds 09...
11.99€ 12.99€
Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: NRR055
The demo recordings of the second unreleased HAMMERON album, remastered and presented officially for first time. Includes 16 pages booklet with lyrics and liner notes. TRACK LISTING: 1. One More Time 2. Hold You 3. Hungry For The Fight 4. Journey's End 5. The Way 6. Living On The Ed..
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DANG - Tartarus: The Darkest Realm CD
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: NRR045
TRACK LISTING: 1. Sisyphus 2. Salmoneus 3. Titans 4. Ixion 5. Danaides 6. Tityos 7. Tantalus..
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ELECTRONOMICON - Unleashing The Shadows CD
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: NRR043
TRACK LISTING: 1. The Art Of Destruction 2. I Believe 3. Waiting 4. Do You Remember 5. Take Me 6. Dark Flight (Instrumental) 7. You Are In Shadows 8. New Beginning Day 9. Far Away 10. Pieces Of A Dream..
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STRIKELIGHT - Taste My Attack CD
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: IRON006-NRR017
The long awaited second album of this great Greek band that sounds like a British NWOBHM band from the early 80s! No wonder why they have gained a cult following ever since their first album came out! TRACK LISTING: 1. Awakening (Instrumental) 2. Taste My Attack 3. Heavy Metal Strike 4...
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Brand: No Remorse Catalog Number: NA3349
Re-issue of legendary Swedish Epic Metal from 1990! Original release by US Metal Records. Limited to 500 copies.  ..
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